Dectro Loyalty

I read an amazing post from Jossie (Spain) about Dectro. She put is very simply. When electrolysis appeared to be vanishing from the scene, most manufacturers just stopped. They stopped promoting, designing machines and supporting the industry. They took a “wait and see” attitude. Meanwhile, such (Spanish) companies as Sorisa, quit and left their clients “holding the bag.” Seemingly, the electrolysis companies lost interest.

But not Dectro. They continued to strive: make new machines, produce newsletters, advertise, give support to the associations (e.g., AEA) and did not leave their clients “turning in the wind,” alone and unsupported. They were there — and put their money into it!

She has a valid point — very valid. Now, I totally understand. Dectro was there when all the others were sitting on their hands. Thanks for making me understand, Jossie. And, “bravo” Dectro! Give credit where credit is due.

Yes Sir!

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