Decisions with laser hair removal - asking for advice

I have done a lot of research lately and have decided what to do with LHR. I am going to choose 2 different lasers from 2 different clinics and do 2 test spots, approx. 4"x4" on one side of my body, either left or right and either upper arm or shoulder so I can closely monitor results. I will not touch the other side of my body so I have a reference to compare to. I am going to take pictures after each treatment, get copies of settings after each treatment, and see my dermatologist after each treatment(fortunately I have great Health Insurance to cover the derm). Since I can easily afford these test patches I will do as many treatments as necessary to determine results. I am asking for advice on which lasers, I will probably go with 1 Alexandrite, and 1 Yag (I have already tried a Diode). I am Fitzpatrick 3, dark coarse hair. I also need advice on timing of treatments. I talked with a laser college that trains techs and they said they suggest the 1st few treatments 4 weeks apart and then spread out farther. I have read conflicting reports on this and am asking for your help. I will do an additional post on this for those who don’t open this one. Unfortunately, I have had to choose this road because after extentsive research on LHR on men in particular, I have found very little evidence to substaniate good long-term results. Maybe down the road I will be able to help someone in my position.

alexandrite at high settings is your best bet. 4 weeks is too early. as i mentioned in another post of yours, it should be 6-8 weeks to start, and 8-10 weeks thereafter for most.