decision time

Hello all,
I’m looking to get my back,shoulder and upper arms treated. I’m a type 3/4 skin so from what I’ve read and from the two consultations that I’ve been to, it seems the diode laser is most suitable. The problem in making a decision now lies in the two seemingly different treatment plans that I’ve been offered from people who will be using the same laser…the lightsheer. Ok so People (A) did a test patch on me and then offered me $250/treatment for the back/shoulders and 5-7 treatmens at 4-5 weeks interval. Also the lady who did the evaluation was mainly concerned about skin disclouration…I believe she said something to the effect that she’s never treated anyone as dark, or that most of her previous patients were lighter like type 1 and 2 and 3. Now people (B) offered me $480/treatment for 5 treatments (all paid upfront) also for the back/shoulders but with a 1 year guarantee and at 10 week intervals (how do they decide the length between treatments? seems to be anywhere from 5-10 weeks). Not only are they almost double the price (same laser i tell you) but i did my consultation with a salesperson…so no test patch and the lady kept on reassuring me that they’ve treated people of my skin type and darker before and also that incidences of side effects (i.e discolouration) are rare, and how careful the staff is, and how they’ll start out at low power first and work their way up as they progress and blablabla. If you were in my shoes, how would u proceed? It almost seems better to go with (A) because it’s cheaper and they did a test patch, but I like the idea of the guarantee. Moreover (A) did not seem to have that much experience with skin 4 where as (B) told me they see them all the time (salespitch maybe?).
Also I’m in the LA area in case anyone has someone they particularly recommend.

Thanks for any replies.