Decided on Diode X3

Well, I had my third laser treatment three weeks ago. I am being treated with the Lightsheer Diode on upper lip and chin, have type 2 skin and mostly dark hair. This last time around, I asked my tech to use compression, up the joules(32) and to not use the “glide” method but to go up and down with the laser…I am not TOO demanding.:slight_smile:

She accomodated me nicely and further covered the same areas a few times.—I knew that my skin would look like hell afterward, but I also got some seriously good results. I had full shedding within ten days and this is the first time ALL of the dark hair and even the lighter brown and red hair fell out! By this time(three weeks post treatment) after my first two sessions, I would already have significant regrowth but I have VERY little this time around. It’s impossible to know if this would have happened anyway, despite aggressive technique or not, but just because of the cumlative results of lasering.

Anyway, I am still in the relative hairless phase and all I can say is, this was money well spent. I waited 20 plus years to look this good! I am keeping my fingers crossed that it will be permanent(ish).:slight_smile:

great to hear. keep us posted.

I am now two weeks post my fourth LHR treatment. As mentioned, I am type II skin, dark course hair(mostly), having upper lip and chin treated. The laser is the Lightsheer Diode XC, 12mm spot size. This last time, my tech upped the joules to 36. The pain during treatment is much reduced, congruent with the HUGE reduction in coarse hair. I have fully shed whatever is going to shed for this round and basically, I have NO dark hair left. This laser seem to get dark fine hair as well. What is still untouched is obviously the white ones and finer light brown/blond hair.

The only down side to these treatments has been the dry skin patches, particularly around my mouth. But so far this is a temporary condition, pretty much aleviated by third to fourth week post treatment. --And I will take it any day compared to a 5 0’clock shadow!

As a reference point, the cost of my treatments has been about 1000.00 for pkg of 6 treatments, I have a one year guarantee of free treatments after the 6th has been completed. If I need any after that, each treatment is half price.

So, the upshot is, I would estimate that I have 85-90% hair reduction.(white hair remaining). To say that I am pleased so far is an understatement. I don’t know what my long range success will be, but right now I look gorgeous…if I do say so myself.:wink:

Congratulations on you success msjules! As you know we are seeing the same technitian. I am getting a much larger area done that you are, lower legs, toes, underarms, bikini, and abdomen. My results have been ok. I would like her to press harder and use a little more power too. However, I do not know how to go about asking her. How did you do it? I feel like I will offend her if I do. Thanks!

2fedup, I am fairly verbose about the research I have done on the subject of LHR with the tech. I am assuming you also have Jen do your treatments. I have straight out told her that from what I have read on the topic that the diode laser is most effective if compression is used. I believe she already knows this, but I pipe up about it anyway, figuring it is in their as well as my best interests that my treatments be successful. She might be getting weary of my “online expertise”, but too bad…it’s my face and my money!:slight_smile:

I was frankly surprised that she had upped the joules to the extent that she did this last time. I would say that if my skin is handling treatments, and I am communicating this, that she is going to up the joules slightly each time to get the remaining finer hairs.

Be very open and honest about your results each time you go in and just ask her to use more pressure to see if your shedding improves. I found her to be very accomodating.