Decided on Diode cont...

I am now 4 1/2 weeks post 5th treatment. For quick review:
-I am female, skin type II
-Having chin and upper lip treated
-Using Lightsheer Diode XC,12mm spot size

Between my 4th and 5th treatments I had significant regrowth by about 3 weeks!! I was UPSET to say the least, but the tech volunteered that it may just have been an usually strong growth period. well duh.:wink: Anyway, despite that anomaly, I soldiered on and was treated this last time at 40 joules, this was a slight increase over the last time (38 joules)and it hurt like h*ll, but I do not give a rip as long as it works. This time around I have almost NO regrowth…I am estimating I have 90% clearance on the chin, 80% on upper lip(hair is finer and lighter there–not responding quite as well).

Now, I assume I will see more hair in the next few weeks prior to session 6, but this is by far the best results I have seen since starting last Sept. insofar as remaining relatively hairless for a decent period of time.(over a month)

I purchased a six session pkg with one year guarantee. I will likely be using that one extra year, but I did have a very dense problem and chin hair is aggressive–maybe because of good blood supply…I dunno. I am still in wait and see mode, but I feel like this is going to work for me. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

have your treatments been 10 weeks apart or 2 months?

10 weeks is about 2 months <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

2fedup, the clinic I go to recommends 7 weeks between treatments for the areas I am treating. I actually went in every 6 weeks for the first 4 treatments, waited 7 weeks for this last one. Up until this last session, I would have regrowth by three weeks or so, in varying degrees. I know that some would feel that maybe the treatments were not aggressive enough, areas missed, etc, but my tech used progressively higher fluences, is very thorough and uses compression. Facial hair is persistant.

I was off the deepend, as mentioned, when I had an unusually strong batch of growth between 4th and 5th treatments—feeling like it was as bad as when I started. But my tech said it was at least 60% reduced.(she was likely correct, since I have lost all perspective)

Now, after 5 treatments, and almost five weeks post, it is still relatively smooth, save for a few coarse blonde and white hairs. It’s pretty miraculous considering I have put up with this problem for 25 years.