dearly departed zapper's family needs donations

Please consider showing some love to the memory of one of our sweetest fallen comrades. There is a very small amount left to raise and I am sure that HairTell can be the force to put them over the top. Information and donation form can be found at the link below.

There is a small amount left to reach goal for Electrolysist Regina Rakar’s final expenses. I would love it if those of us at HairTell could make the difference. It would be nice if you mentioned HairTell in your donation message.

What’s that you say? Yes, I have already given.

Nice gesture, James.

Thank You Dee
I guess if this were my family, they would just have to make due with planting me in the vegetable garden and pounding a broom handle in the ground.

I will let her friends who put up the page say it best, as to why anyone should care:

As most of you know by now, Regina Rakar left her body peacefully on Christmas night. While this has been a devastating shock to all her knew her, she was exactly where she wanted to be, having just celebrated her favorite holiday, and slipped away in her sleep just as she had repeatedly expressed was her hope. We can all only hope that for ourselves. Her body was laid to rest in the family plot in Pelham, SC with her beloved Grandparents, Aunt Lila and Aunt Elcie.

It was obvious that Regina was not ready to leave. She had invested in renovating the Davis Homestead and was setting the stage to finally move there full time in the spring. She had no plans or funds for her final arrangements, thus her family has had to absorb those costs. However, there is no money for a proper headstone for her grave. In her final wishes, she was insistent that Aunt Elcie receive a headstone before her.

Some of us who knew her so well for so many years decided to raise the money for both headstones to honor this amazing woman and take this one burden away from her remaining family.

If you were family, you could always count on her to be there for you in whatever capacity you needed. She made it a priority to care for her Mother, Grace, her Aunts Lila and Elcie in their later years even though she lived four hours away. Back and forth from Charleston to Pelham week in and week out for years. Never complaining. She helped her step-daughter, granddaughter, nephew, grandnephew and cousins with anything they needed.

If you were her friend, she always made the effort to connect, remembered every special occasion in your life and treated your children as her own family. She laughed and cried with each of you through the years. And she loved to party with you!

If you were her client, she honored and respected each of you. She kept files of mementos of your life events and children. She was your confidant, "therapist’ and champion. She laughed and cried with each of you, too. Above all, she always strove to help you to the best of her ability.

If you were her colleague, she was passionate about elevating your profession. She volunteered ceaselessly on both state and national levels. If no one else volunteered, she took up the slack. She made a big impact in the electrology profession.

To most of you, she was probably more than just one of these! Here is the opportunity to give back to Regina and honor her selfless, giving and loving life. Let’s make sure she has a marker worthy of her legacy! Please look inside yourselves and give whatever you can.

We kindly ask you to also share this with your friends or family who knew Regina.

With loving gratitude,

Gina’s friends

I challenge all zappers lurking to donate and put this campaign over the top.

I especially challenge Michael Bono and the AEA to match my donation.

Of course, it will likely be the clients and those who never knew her who will make this thing happen.

Michael isnt even on the site James. For that matter, I’m not sure how long I’m sticking around.Some bullshit last week, and quite a few of the pro’s decided not to contribute anymore for their own protection.

I would like to thank those who have taken the time to say hello and express happiness at my “being back”, but alas, I must inform you that I am only checking in and that I am in fact beginning my last hundred days. When these 100 work days have concluded, I will be out to pasture like Manowar, or insert your own favorite picturesque language here.

For someone who was not supposed to see the end of 1992, I did pretty well with my overtime play. I hope to see those friends that I can, but those who I don’t get around to another hug, know that you are loved.

As for Hairtell and the hair removal industry, they will go on and forget I ever existed. That process has already begun. Perhaps, some will tell their grandchildren stories of the Mythical Electrolysis SuperFriends, and their battles, befriendings, fallouts, triumphs and defeats. (DC Comics Teen Titans had a great story arc called The Judas Contract - check it out. N’uff Said)

I am glad to have met and helped those that I could touch, and for the many others I will never know of, I send you a smile as well. The number of #7 jerseys you all sent me as thank you gifts will leave some relative of mine in fits when it comes time to sell them all or place them with loved ones (My autographed jerseys had better be treated with care!)

And, oh, by the way, I really would like it if someone would complete the task of donating the last of the required money to buy my dearly departed friend her head stones for her and her Aunt Elcie. I stand amazed that all this time later, that has not gone over the top.

Be good to one another, and always look for the better way.
anyone who wants to send a thank you my way can do it easily here. Love Gifts for James Farewell

James are you retiring from electrolgy? :frowning: We remember you and many of us will appreciate your GENEROUS contributions to educate the consumer and many DIY electrologists on Hairtell. I’m sure many pros have learned from your skills and knowledge as well.
I first stumbled on hairtell in 2009 when I was learning all of this hair removal stuff and that was my first time ever hearing of electrolysis. Your posts played a big role in my learning process. All these years, I wished you would work closer to civilization (NYC) :slight_smile: so I could get treatments from you.
Most importantly, your clients whose lives you’ve transformed through electrolysis will remember you and will appreciate you like we all remember our first grade teachers.
Much luck to you with everything.

Hey, brother man, you are too young to retire.

Does this mean you’re coming to work out of my office now?

A riddle wrapped in an enigma …

No, my friend. It doesn’t. Although, we might have had a ball doing so.

What an interesting comment to make on such a thread, which ,adds nothing relevant to the conversations at hand. Would you care to explain Michael how the announcement of a gofundme for funeral expenses, or that another practitioner is retiring, is in any way a riddle? Or an Enigma? Because where I stand there can be only one reason to make such an odd comment, and I will say that reasoning I find highly disappointing. One step forward, 10 steps back right?

There’s an old saying that if you cant say anything nice,dont say anything at all. Perhaps such a strategy would be beneficial here.

And yes, I’m calling out the comment because I’m tired of seeing grief here, and dont want to remember another fiasco at the end of friends career.


Oh I see that … wondering just what is happening to James … I don’t understand.

Additionally, I didn’t see the go-fund, etc. I quickly read the 100-days, leaving and the Egyptian photo … seems like a riddle to me. Sorry if I offended anyone.

No, my friend. It doesn’t. Although, we might have had a ball doing so. [/quote]

Most definitely would be a ball, but I’m not sure where we’d find the room for your WWF figurines…
Still the offer is always open if you ever care to take me up on it.


Deciphering the riddle?

"[These are] my last 100 days … "
Could mean death, but that’s not predictable to-the-day, so it must mean "going out of business?’ But then, that was denied (or was it?). So, we’re left with … what? (Maybe moving from Buffalo? Not a bad idea!)

But then, "[I] was not supposed to see the end of 1992 and did pretty well with my overtime play …’ Well this could mean some terminal illness, especially with the "hugs-and-love;’ but I’m not buying the death stuff. (I had a terminal thing too … but so far so good. Then again, we’re all terminal.)

The Egyptian burial photo and the links to videos (I don’t understand; didn’t watch the whole things) … head scratching time? Egypt tomb photo could indicate "the death of the ‘king’?’ (Sort of creepy … but then, most Tomb photos creep me out anyway; especially Egyptian mummy stuff.)

The "I shall be forgotten’ … I can’t comment on this; too much drama ("Swan song’) and "poor me’ and besides eventually everybody’s forgotten … In a million years, most likely the entire human species will be forgotten too. And, in geological time, that’s a blink of an eye.

Then the headstone donation, and finally a $$$ donation to James himself. I hope my comments won’t "trigger’ Seana … because, actually, I’m only curious. (Don’t pounce, I’m JUST CURIOUS!) And, despite what you may think, I wish James well (mostly). It’s just that I don’t know what I’m "wishing about,’ and neither does anybody else reading this curious pronouncement. If James’ post was not a riddle … then I don’t know what a riddle is.

As Lucy would say to Ricky …. ‘Sssssplain!’

What he said…