Dear Electrolysis experts, I would like to know......

Dear Electrolysis Experts-electrologists,

I called up 5 different places and went to 2 other places and asked if they do arms and some said it would cost a lot and others said it's very time consumin(an indirect way of saying no). Now, why do they care if I'm willing to pay? And isn't their job time-consuming just like most jobs? Is it because they don't wana invest as much time on one customer or what? I don't get it! Or is it that some people specialize in one area and prefer to stay there.  

I was thinking of doing laser for my arms but after all the drama I heard and read, I chose to stick to electrolysis and invest more time and money. Better safe than sorry, right?

Explain plz!


Many Electrologists like the idea of spending their lives working on female upper lips and chin hairs. They are kinda easy. Your first treatment sessions are maybe an hour long, but before long you do nothing but sessions lasting 15 minutes or less. If you get 4 gals with less than 15 minutes needed booked into an hour, you get to make more than your hourly rate while working less than an hour. NEAT HUH?

Many people don’t have the inclination to work as hard as it takes to clear out large treatment areas. Others don’t know how to go about it. Still others just have not spent the money to set up their practices to allow one to work that hard without sending oneself to the hospital. You see, the longer you work, and the more demanding the job is, the more important it is to have ergonomics in your office. The practitioner needs a workstation that will allow hours of working on the same person, and the treatment space for the client/patron needs to be comfortable enough for one to spend hours in working position without needing a trip to the chiropractor. These things cost money that some are not willing to pay. Just the chair for the electrologist to support the arms without getting carpal tunnel or having the blood supply cut off from being in the same postion for hours costs $750.00US before tax and shipping. While a flat board treatment table costs $200.00US a fully adjustable Salon Treatment Chair can run $3,000.00US or even more!

There is one other thing. Nothing bothers an electrologist more than not being able to finish what we start. Really folks. Most of us are just really bothered by someone who starts and then doesn’t finish, or doesn’t come in on the schedule needed to get it done in the quickest time possible. It is like someone taking the canvass away from Leonardo and saying, “Maybe I will bring this back to you one day if I get the time.”

Many people are sort of discouraged that those who are just coming in for little stuff don’t come the way they should and don’t do what is needed to finish stuff that is easy. They just don’t want to get their hearts broken when they start something that they know will be a large project and the person has a longer time to stop before any real returns are realized. Of course, most see a big noticeable return in 4 to 6 weeks with me, but I make sure that my clients understand that we must do things a certain way in that first 6 weeks, or we won’t get the best results. Most just do what I tell them, and if they stop later, they at least got real permanent hair reduction from what ever time they did spend with me.

Most are afraid that someone with a large area will start, then stop prematurely and then tell people “Electrolysis did not work for me.” They just don’t want the negative publicity for them, or the industry as a whole.

Does that explain it well enough for you?

Dear James,

Ay ya ya, yes it sure does explain everything. I appreciate what you mentioned but some of the electrologist don’t even give you an option. But they should start writing contracts for larger areas, this way if one breaks it, they pay for any damages to and for the electrologist…hehe…

Thanks for all your wise words…You should open a clinic in Canada!!

Have a good one!

The real issue is time consuming, and for large areas like legs and arms, that would take very long to clear out the entire area. And many clients just don’t have that patience (and money) for such a long period of time.

And if you have a large area wanting to clear up, my recommendation is to try Laser or go for the real electrolysis - galvanic.
Why? with galvanic electrolysis, the re-growth rate is the lowest. You don’t see the results immediately, but gradually. The benefit is you don’t need to get the same hair follicle inserted with probes multiple times.


Legs are actually faster than faces for an electrologist with some speed. I am usually able to clear both legs from the knee to the ankle in about 3 hours in one day.

The leg hairs are easy to insert on, and are all facing the same direction. Going from one to the next is a simple tilt of the wrist.

Properly done, all forms of Electrolysis are permanent, and the potential for regrowth in thermolysis is made up by the ability to clear larger areas in the same amount of time. A person can get to visual clearance quickly, and the hair that is left is just a secret between the electrologist and the client if the client keeps on the schedule that allows the electrologist to keep the area bare.