Dear Electrologists

You might be happy to know that on a recent post, on another Forum, I just recomended Electrology to someone looking for a type of Laser that would work well on darker skin. They are looking to have hair removed from their upper lip, and I suggested they might find out if their is a competent Electrologist in their area.

Sounds reasonable to me, redhead.

If you post again on consumerbeware, maybe you could encourage her to find an electrologist that will do blend on her upper lip. I personally like the blend are darker skin and recommending blend is even better if she has tweezed for a long time. Hope I don’t start a big debate now with electrologists that only do thermolysis. Pleasetake no offense,guys.

Better yet, redhead, encourage her to come over here to hairfacts. That would certainly cause a stir and I’m sure the thing will pop up again in place of the address, if you dare to print that.

Also, I was just thinking about something today… Why aren’t there more laser technicians, nurses, electrologists who perform laser, contributing regularly to the laser forum as James does for the electrologist forum???
Would love to hear them come to the electrolgy side,too. Am I incorrect in my observation? It would be great to hear a ‘James Walker version of laser’ on a frequent basis. Do you know of anyone that you have been associated with that might want to contribute to discussions on hairtell about laser???

I think all the laser practioners are on the consumerbeware site,actually…Just a thought.


I agree, it’s as if Laser experts feel more comfortable on that Forum, and old school Electrologists feel more comfortable here. I wonder if this is how Democrats and Republicans feel. It’s kind of a shame, and I think in the end it is the consumer that suffers.

Think of it this way, Republicans are not likely to book time on any show hosted by Al Franken, and most Democrats won’t be seen on any show hosted by Rush Limbaugh.

I personally would welcome actual L.A.S.E.R. practitioners who, as you all say, would take the James role on the L.A.S.E.R. side of the forum. However, as my dear friend Redhead points out, the split is like the Dems, and Reps… or is it more like the Catholics and Anglicans… or perhaps the Hutus and Tutsis. More dangerous humor.

Any way, only someone who knows the history can see why it is that those who are established in these professions have a mental block on co-operation. It would be nice however, if, for the sake of the consumers, a better situation existed.

Any casual perusal of this board will find that while the Electrolysis side can rely on questions to be answered most frequently by Andrea, Dfayhe, Offbroadway, yb, myself and a few infrequent professional posters. (did anyone notice that at least 2 of the people on the list above became electrologists because of this board, and one other due to exposure to another of Andrea’s boards?) What we get on the L.A.S.E.R. side of the board is that if Andrea, Ants, Redhead, or RJC2001 don’t answer a question, it often gets left unanswered.

Don’t get the impression that the electrolysis side here cares more than the light based practitioners. The number of electrologists donating time on this board is insultingly small given the amount of practitioners in the world. If only the electrologists whose names have made it to the referral section, and mentions in posts on the pages of this site donated a little time, we would have much more Electrology input than we do. Many of the frequent posters on Kitty’s site are very invested in the site in more ways than one, and participate as such.

Without going into any detail, I have gotten into a few heated arguments with some of the Laser experts on Kitty’s site. But the bottom line is, it would be nice for the consumers if there was more cooperation. You hit the nail on the head, James, when you talk about these Forums as a microcosm of many historical two sided arguments and feuds. It would actually be humerous if hair removal wasn’t such a serious topic for so many.