Dealing with over worried clients

How do you deal with clients who are new to Electrolysis even though you have given a thorough concise explaination/consultation of treatment and have been through treatment but over worry and keep contacting you to ask if every little scab and swelling is a normal reaction?

I find it frustrating to keep reiterate the fact that the have had normal reactions and will heal in due time and to continue with the after care advice (tea tree vaseline at night and aloe vera gel throughout the day) No water and to avoid touching the area.

What do you all think? What are your experiences?

Over worried clients will always be with us. I am more patient than the average bear and will answer the same questions over and over again. There comes a time when I feel that my reassurances are not helping, so I invite them to try other electrologists, telling them that they won’t hurt my feelings if they choose to go somewhere else. Be sure and take before pictures on these clients to document what the area looked like before treatment.

Some?/ Many? people have Obessive Compulsive Disorder. They need a little extra love. If I get too irritated with the numerous texts and emails, I may feel tempted to decline treatment, but so far, I have never done that even though I certainly know that is an option. You never know, I may become crankier as I get older and “fire” a few people. :mad:

Hehe, thanks Dee i love reading your posts they are so useful. Yeh i had to decline this client and put him on hold for sometime as he was getting really pushy and forcing me to book him in while i was not happy with the state of his skin (he was using some topical creams to take care of his acne which made his skin look sore and irritated).

I too can be quite patient but sometimes i just crack and think argh thats it! But its part of the job we just have to get through it.

Hair removal per electrolysis makes many people very apprehensive. They rely on blogs off the Internet , some of which say scary things, so why shouldn’t they be apprehensive? That is why Hairtell exists. We need to reassure and educate here and the consumer needs to figure out some things in order to get a sense of whether their skin is going to heal well.

It slays me how people get all kinds of facial treatments and youth enhancing procedures and may have horrible reactions, but they accept that as normal, but if one has two little red dots on their upper lip from their last electrolysis session, they think they are scarred for life!