DC settings for fast blend method?

Any professionals doing blend:

I’m doing fast (3-4 sec) blend on 60 unit hairs.

At four seconds, 60 units calls for DC settings of 15 tenths.

However, Bono clearly states that DC generally never gets above ten tenths.

Is this a rule that you follow also? Do you find that ten tenths is adequate and effective, even at sub six-second epilation times?

I know it can be kind of hard to tell the effect of the DC; I don’t want to flood out the RF with too much DC.

When I use DC fifteen tenths I get lye froth, but not excessive.

Any thoughts?



Hi Eric.

Doing Blend or galvanic by itself for less than 3 seconds is not very effective, and your coming close to that edge by treating 60 unit hairs so quickly. There is no such thing as flash galvanic.

Blend unites the sureness of galvanic electrolysis (chemical destruction of tissue) with the quickness of the thermolysis current (destruction of tissue with heat). The blend works great on those 60 unit hairs that are deep, coarse and/or curved hair.

Common settings for blend are .3-.7 milliamps, but the full range is .1-1.0 milliamps for the galvanic side. Thermolysis range and common settings vary with machine models.

If you’re trying to figure out how much thermolysis to use, you need to start low and increase gradually to see how many seconds it takes for the hair to epilate at settings that can be tolerated by the client with no skin side effects. Once you find this point, then you can add the DC current (galvanic).

For coarse hairs, my epilator is a digital computerized brand that has programs added in that calculate both currents, but most times I still have to tweek those factory levels to get the hair to slide out nicely in one piece. So even with a fancy dancy epilator, you still have to THINK sometimes!

I would turn down the DC part and go a little slower (more time) on 60 unit hairs. The wide window of time for the blend can be 5-30 seconds in each the follicle, but the common time that I’m in a follicle is 6-15 seconds per hair. Of course, you know this depends on the size of hair you are treating!

You will see frothing at these ranges if the follicle is not dry. And yes, you have to balance the currents for it to be a true efficient blend. You don’t want to flood out the master current, thermolysis, with too much galvanic.

Slow down would be my advise. You’ll still get there.