Darkening hairs for electrolysis

Hi everyone,

I noticed that we lose a lot of time with my electrologist to looking for blond hairs. Sometime we don’t even see them so i would know if it’s possible to dye them in black ? Anybody already did it ?


What I would suggest is to get mascara and brush the hairs opposite direction the hairs are growing(like you would apply on eyelashes) this should help show where hairs are.

Hi nizyk,
if you are having a treatment on an area that is normally unexposed, you can just use eyelash tint to darken the hairs. Here in the UK you can by it over the counter from beauty supply shops and follow the instructions on the label. You will need a small brush. And ideally you should tint the hairs a few days before the treatment, NOT immediately prior to it.
Good luck!

An electrologist using loupes and good lighting eg halogen should not have a problem treating fine or blonde hair. However if it’s not possible or feasible to find another electrologist with the above equipment or experience in treating blonde hair use the advice already given. Let us know how you get on, treating blonde/fine hair especially if it’s facial is a special but rewarding skill for an electrologist and many tricks and tips can be applied.

One of our Hairshoot contributors uses black paper presumably under the hairs. I haven’t tried it but she finds it is the answer.
I find lighting and shade plus quality loupes is the only way but I still find it really frustrating treating these.
Another suggestion made to me was using a fine dusting of mineral powder against the ‘grain’. It worked but not all that well.

One of my clients tints her hair blue for electrolysis (non permanent, of course …)

That will show up each and every hair including those many tiny broken telogen stubble in areas that otherwise look almost hair free even with good lighting and with large magnification.

The color is important - blue hairs “stick out” a lot more than hairs tinted black or even dark brown.

I really like this blue hair idea, Beate. I see many people walking around with streaks of red, pink, blue, purple, yellow hair. What product do they use? Does it wash out easily?

Truthfully, I haven’t encountered a vellus hair situation yet where I could not see the hair by moving the light and the client and using my loupes, but this is a great hint you gave for seeing vellus hair, Beate.

AFAIK she just takes what is available. Of course something that washes out easily - that’s important because she usually colorizes more than i can do (and that’s reasonable).

BTW: green or violet should also be easily visible.

Has anyone tried this don’t fancy dying the hair as this will need doing prior to appointment and I pick the kids up daily as well as going to shops etc… blue / green / pink hairs on chin are going to stand out more lol.

However I am disappointment at my appointments that I am not getting the longer blondes all cleared, or paler browns.
My electrolyisis was wonderful in clearing me for any dark / black hairs but really struggles with the paler ones, god knows how since some are quite long she will clear some but I have to point some out to her.

I am thinking of taking mascara with me and when she asks me to point out the hairs I want removing to use the mascara at the ends of the hair if possible to highlight them.

Will she think I am mad? I just want to get satisfaction that I am continuing to get clearance for what little hairs I have left, otherwise I think the end process is taking longer than needed for that particular area.

I am glad I found this thread. I recently started electrolysis for coarse dark hair and coarse blonde hair. My electrologist always gets the dark hairs but never seems to get all of the blonde hairs unless they are super coarse. I as thi nking of using mascara or coloured eyebrow gel but what happens when they wipe the treatment area prior to treatment? Has anyone had success using mascara or tinted eyebrow colour?

I personally stock cheap (2 for $1 at the dollar store) tubes of mascara in my office specifically to help with the vellus hairs that I have a hard time seeing.

Also, keep in mind that, though they may be visible to you during a session, the reason they may not be visible to your electrologist may have to do with the lighting, particularly if they are lighting from where they are looking (ie, the light from a magnifocuser they are looking through). These hairs are easier to see with the light projecting a shadow versus trying to highlighting, the exact opposite of the dark hairs, so just a change in lighting angle can have a major beneficial effect.


Though I have heard of mascara use for this I have yet to see anyone who actually does it.Do you find that the Mascara gets onto the probe /or into the follicles when doing this? I cant see how it wouldnt?


I have used mascara for this, and it works. You just have to be sure you wipe the wand off and use the tiniest bit. It can really highlight little blonde vellus hairs that otherwise can’t be seen.

go light on it, let it dry and you’re still going to get some on the probe. I just keep a alcohol dampened cotton round nearby to wipe the probe off as needed.

I like the mascara much better than follicle enhancer. Being able to play with lighting helps out a lot too. I’ve never had anyone dye their hair as mentioned earlier in the thread, but that seems as though it could be very helpful.