Dark pigmentation on upper lip from bleaching hair


So I decided to try bleaching my upper lip hair with facial hair bleach to let my skin heal from electrolysis, bad bad move

Well it stung so I removed it and now I am left with a darker upper lip, previous to electrolysis I had not removed my hair for 4 months so my upper lip pigmentation was starting to fade and now im back to square one

I did have a pigmented lip for some time due to threading

Please advise will this go away, should I do anything?


Yes, it will go away.

Certain skin types over react to ANY kind of injury. Keep getting permanent hair removal, ELECTROLYSIS, and then your problem will be solved for both, too much hair and hyperpig.

Thanks Dee

Should I use anything on it? I tried aloe Vera after but it stung like hell

When I did my test patch it was a little bit tingly but no reaction after so I left it on for a few minutes when I did it properly, should have removed it straight away but I read some people do feel tingling etc but have no reaction

I’m using aloe Vera now, any other advice?

Peels etc or just leave it?

Thanks again

Sorry one more question should I wait for this to fade again before going back to electrolysis?

No to the peels! NOT NEEDED!

Yes, to continuing electrolysis. Just get it done, then allow the skin to do its Mother Nature thing and heal naturally.

I do like the purest aloe possible. I keep mine refrigerated and apply it cold immediately after the session. Cold helps with hyperpig. A small percentage of my clients have complained of stinging and my research is ongoing regarding that phenomena. I wipe it off immediately and have them rinse the area at the sink with water if that happens.

So, after a session, have your Electrologist (or borrow her mirror and do it yourself) apply the coldest , purest aloe vera gel as possible. TAKE YOUR OWN if she doesn’t have it. That’s what I would do to help control this hyperpig that naturally occurs in a lot of my Indian and Pakistani clients. It is what it is and it is no ones fault.

A product like this where aloe is the first ingredient is what you want. Leave the cheap stuff on the shelf.

Thanks again dee I’ll stick with the avg x