hi just got home electrolysis kit, and it said dont treat same area within 24 hours, but i did! 4 times!! are there any dangers or side effects of doing this?? otherwise why would they advise not to do it??

When you do the treatment, you also do some trauma to the surrounding tissue. It is a good idea to let it heal before doing more treatments. The object is to do damage to the hair follicle and minimize damage to the surrounding area. If the area is repeatedly traumatized without adequate healing time, it will take longer to heal, be more painful, and could even not completely recover, such as leaving hyperpigmentation or possibly kleoids (hard bumps under the skin), which are also possible from over-treatment.

To guard against overtreatment, avoid treating the same follicle multiple times. Also avoid treating two follicles next to one another when the follicles are close enough that the tissue damage will overlap. This is often the case on the face, where the follicles are dense, but is rarely the case where the follicles are sparse, such as on the arm.