Damage from electrolysis-treatments?

Hi, I’m new here and new too electrolysis also. I’ve just booked for some treatments to my face. And now I’m scared. The electrologist has done this in 33 years (!), but I’m unsure anyways. Is it true that the skin can become very damaged if the operator isn’t fully skilled? And how do you know if she does it right? I would really appreciate any input on this matter! I’ve not had any treatment yet, but I wish to no a little more about it before I go under the needle.

Yes, electrolysis can cause skin damage IF it is performed incorrectly. That’s why you get more than one consult with sample treatments, even if you have to pay for a 15-20 minute session. Thirty-three years experience sounds good, but does not always equate with getting the best treatment,so do get as many consultations as seems reasonable.

How will you know if everything is as it should be. In short, you want to go to someone who practices under hygenic conditions: clean office, washes hands, uses sterile,pre-packaged disposable probes. One who has up-to-date equipment and utilizes quality magnification and light source knowlegibly will be the difference between a less comfortable session verses more comfortable session. Lastly, how does your skin heal and how long does it take to heal? Please do a search here on hairtell and read, read, read to figure out what is acceptable and what is not acceptable for skin appearance after a session. Skin manifestations should not last for longer than a week, but most can be barely visable shortly after a session on the face and longer for body work. All skin after effects vary due to a persons own healing powers. If one smokes or generally doesn’t take good care of herself,healing would be delayed. You must follow after care instructions, too.

Okay, that wasn’t very short, but basically, if you read, read, read here on hairtell, you will gain a proficient understanding of what constitutes good electrolysis verses poor electrolysis. Always communicate with your electrologist if you are worried or confused about anything and consult all the great posters here on hairtell to help you through this.


Thank you so much for your information! I did already schedule for one full hour session the first time, but I guess I could change it to 15 minutes, just to see. The thing is that I live in Sweden, and there’s basically NO electrolgists here! It’s really frustrating. Everyone here just seems to do lasers. So this woman I’ve found is the only electrologist in my area, the other ones (about four more in the whole country!) are several hours of drive way from where I live. It really sucks. So if this woman is not as professional as she needs to be, I will have to stay hairy unless I move somewhere else where there’s someone professional. I don’t know what to do… <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/confused.gif" alt="" /> I really suffer from my unwanted facial hair…
Well, thank you so much for your help anyways! I’ll try to follow your advice and read as much as possible on this great forum!
Thanks again!

Good luck to you, miskah. I hope this electrologist turns out to be a good one, since she’s the only one close to you.


And if one of our readers happens to know of someone in your area who is not accessible through the way you found the people doing this that you know about, you still won’t be able to find out about who they are unless you go back and include a location in your profile.

We really do have readers from around the world, and many of them are willing to help others on this, and other issues.

Thank you Dee! <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" /> I surely hope she is good. I will try with my legs first instead of my face though, since it is not such a sensitive area. If she does well there, I might let her touch my face also. There’s one thing though, I did’nt realise before. She only does diathermy, and not electrolysis. Electrolysis is the thing I really wanted, but maybe diathermy works as well. Or what do you guys think? I don’t care so much about how long time a certain method takes as long as it’s safe and permanent. What I’m most afraid of is premature aging and damage of the skin. Will diathermy more likely cause me this…? afraid

Do you think there are more electrologists accessible in my area? I would really like to know if there was! I think I would rather do electrolysis than diathermy on my face, since I’ve heard it’s safer, but I can’t find anyone who’s doing it here. I will put the name of my new “diathermist” up in my profile though (I’m new here so I didn’t know that I could do this) and try to help others as well. Thank you for letting me know.

Your welcome,miskah.

Straight galvanic electrolysis (chemical destruction of tissue) is very slow and is not the best choice for some hairs. Diathermy is destruction of tissue by heat only. Other words used for diathermy is thermolysis, short wave and there are others as well. All mean the same thing: heat only. Combining the two currents together at the same time is called Blend. All methods are capable of damamging a hair follicle so it can never come back to life. Never.

If the practitioner you see uses diathermy correctly, and she most likely does, you will see progress and maintain good heathly skin until the end comes. Body work is a different healing outcome than the face. One will most likely have small scabs and maybe red dots for awhile after work on the body. However, the face should be treated in such a manner that will not leave you with marks for longer than a week, maybe two. You should be able to face people at work and play without embarrassment after you have face work done. In the beginning, it might take your practitioner a few appointments to figure out the right recipe for skin’s healing aftermath. I definitely would let her try a sample treatment on your face for a short appointment, since it is a very different situation than getting work performed on your leg. You may even try a couple more after that if she needs to make adjustments in the intensisty and timing. Then you will have a better understanding of what this is all about for you.

Thanks for posting your location; it really helps others as well as yourself.