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I posted a message in the referrals area looking for electrolysis (and shopping/understanding help): http://www.hairtell.com/ubbthreads/showf…&PHPSESSID=

I would also like to begin HRT soon but am concerned about how to navigate insurance and privacy. I saw a therapist years ago and was diagnosed but didn’t feel it necessary at the time to get any paperwork and I now have no desire at all to revisit therapy. So ideally I’m also looking for an endocrinologist in my area who knows how to file things with discretion so that my insurance will cover the prescriptions.

I am considering telling my GP who has been very good with working with many other things. I don’t know that she suspects I am TG and I don’t know whether she has any other TG patients. Even if she is approachable about the subject, I am not sure whether she would feel comfortable with guiding my HRT and doing blood level checks if she lacks experience (or interest in endocrinology in general). Has anyone had an experience with something like that?

Thanks for any help. The forum has already been very valuable to me.

I posted about Electrology 2000 in response to your other post. Getting hormones covered by insurance can happen in cases with a cool GP, but many who wish to keep things private order online and avoid getting into it with their insurance providers (since many policies exclude transsexual surgery and related services).

I’d read your policy before checking with your GP, and then go from there. Doing it under medical supervision is the safest available option.

I have been told that some people managed to get spiro as a blood pressure treatment and premarin or other for generic “hormone imbalance.” Separately, I’d heard some people say that their insurance covered them completely once their legal status became female… but not a drop of support before.

There is nothing in the policy paperwork I have regarding HRT for transgendered patients. I’ve been a little afraid to call since they may flag my account such that I wouldn’t be able to get them under an alternate diagnosis.

With all of the TG stuff on the web, I can’t imagine why there is not a place with specific insurance information and experiences.

Every policy is different, so no generalizations can be made.

You can read my summary here:



You may want to try this hotline for trans resources
in your area:

Trans Advisory Hotline of America
This will supply anyone in the U.S. with sources of:
Referrals for Medical
Gender Therapists
Transgender groups and organizations
Peer support

Good luck, Alicia

If you’re looking for a good electrologist, I use Lynne Rains. Her office number is 214-536-6160, If you use her, be sure to let me know so I can give you my name (sending others gets you a free treatment.) She has a lot of TG clients and is very pleasant and professional.

I don’t think it’s wise to try and find a doctor who will try and trick your insurance company. That being said, I’ve never had a problem getting my prescriptions filled under my insurance. They’ve simply never asked what it was for. Men are prescribed estrogen for all kinds of problems not related to TS issues, so maybe that’s why they don’t ask. I was paying out of pocket for injections (which I do NOT recommend) but they were only 40 bucks a month. As I’ve had an orchiectomy (practically the first thing I did) I have to have SOME kind of hormone replacement, so maybe that’s what I haven’t had a problem. Then again, I don’t much care who knows what I do.