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I have done quite a bit of reading on the internet about different types of laser removal available. The Doctor I am going to see tomorrow uses some type of Cynosure laser for removal. Is this a good one to use? I am thinking I am a number 2 skin type, fair skin that tans some and hair that is pretty dark (not blonde.) Can someone please give me some insight into what I can expect as far as initial results… For example, can I shave still, will my face be bright red, can I wear makeup, etc. etc. Thanks very much for your time!

Everyone responds a little differently to treatment. You should consider a test patch before going right to the face. Most people have redness that’s usually mild and lasts a few hours if treated properly. Some people get blisters, scabs, or welts like bee-stings, caused by a mild allergic reaction. You probably shouldn’t put anything on your face except cooling products like pure aloe gel with no additives. You should avoid sun and makeup for a while after treatment.

Cynosure devices were one of the earlier alexandrite lasers. Make sure the model being used has some sort of skin colling method. The really early ones used cold clear gel, but many have been upgraded to more modern systems.

The Apogee series is probably what your practitioners are using. The 6200 and 9300 are both good lasers.

For a sense of published results, see:

Hairfacts: alexandrite laser clinical data

Cynosure website

(note: no endorsement of Cynosure is implied. I make no claim to the quality of their device or treatments with it.)

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