Cynosure Laser, Inc

I just recently joined this site and spent some time looking through this forum. I have seen many mentions of other laser companies but have yet heard anyone other then myself mention Cynosure. For those that don’t know they are 1 of the orginial laser companies out there, and also the ONLY company that offers ALL the wavelengths that are avaiabl, not just 1 or 2 like some of the other companies.

They are the only company on the market today that can offer something for everyone, IPL, YAG, Alexandrite, Diode, Cellulite, Combo systems that have 2-3 different lasers. They offer the best cooling system on the market today the Zimmer AirCool, they also have the lighest and easy handpiece on the market with many spot sizes as well. If you are looking to purchase a laser for your practice you need to look at what Cynosure has to offer.

This company’s lasers are consistently mentioned here. Apogee being one of the most popular alexandrites lasers. Apogee Elite being an alex and Yag all in one.

I was treated on the cynosure apogee elite in Denver, using the yag. There was no pain during or after treatment as I had experienced using a cutera. What I did find was that while the coarse hairs on my face were affected well, the finer facial hairs seemed to grow at a much accelerated pace. Also, since there is so little pain, the technician felt that she could go faster and she missed many areas.

yag lasers don’t work well on fine hair in general unfortunately…

From my understanding the Yag laser has nothing to do with fine or corse hair. The Yag laser is primarily used on darker skin, while the alexarite is used on lighter skin. In order to treat those fine or corse hair you have to be able to have 1 of these lasers and adjust the pulse width.

finer hair is not as deep-rooted as thicker coarser hair, so with 1064nm, Yags usually miss those hairs. it’s a consistent observation you’ll see on these forums. Yags are just not very good on finer hair.

You need short pulse widths for fine hair. Otherwise the heat dissipates faster than the laser can provide it.

I suspect that the most YAGs rely on longer pulse widths and may not have shorter pulse widths to get fine hair. Cutera does claim its lasers can target finer hair since they provide independent settings of pulse width and fluence. Eventually you are going to reach a point where the hair is too fine for the YAG, and eventually for the other lasers too. But you want to kill as many hair follicles as you can before the diminishing returns kick in.

In my experience, the diode Lightsheer worked the best on fine hair when used with compression and high fluence (around 50J). The Apogee alexandrite did not work for me on finer hairs because it could not provide high enough fluence and it tended to burn at 40J and higher unless the skin is very light.


I had good results with GentleLASE on fine hair with 30 joules fluence. And I don’t find it as painful as dsb153 suggests at all (it does also seem from your posts that you work for Cynosure…it would probably help if you provided that information when recommending one laser company over all others in your posts just to give perspective). As a consumer, the cooling cryogen works very well I would say and I don’t use numbing creams.

I have just had my 4th treatment of laser on my facial hair, underarms, lower leg and my first on bikini. The first two were done with the cutera on the yag setting the second on the cynosure yag.The cynosure is virtually painless which is why I decided to do my bikini. Everything is going quite well except for my facial hair! Yikes-all of the dark coarse hair is pretty much gone but the softer blonde hairs are now dark, thicker, and growing at a faster rate. What should I do? Stop the face? Or will the laser now affect the darker hair that it missed before? I don’t shave my face, just bleach and trim the hairs. Could this have affected the way that the laser was absorbed? (ie. the laser went to the hair outside my skin instead of at the root)Does the laser travel down the hair shaft to the root or just attack the closest melanin it finds?

Yag lasers do not work well on fine hair or blond hair and others have reported this happening from doing laser on the face. you should only ever treat hair on the face with laser if the hair is coarse and dark and your skin is pretty light. how many of these hairs do you have now? are they coarse and dark or just fine and long? personally, i would only do electrolysis on my face unless I had coarse man-like growth (which some women do)