Cut skin

I cut myself shaving yesterday and have lhr this am :cry: Is there any danger of burning when you have a cut in the area that will be lasered?

As far as I know, they won’t laser that area.

Also, I read your post and gave advice based on what you had written. Unless the tech has already seen your missed patches, they will have to be very believing to agree to treat them. I don’t see how anyone would agree to treating missed areas without seeing the hair.

Oh, I’ve nicked myself shaving and they have still lasered over it. I guess it depends who your tech is and how badly you cut yourself (mine were relatively small cuts.)

Stopit i totally agree with your logic but when i called to ask about this, two times, they clearly told me to come in shaved! I am surprised they are even willing to see me at all as they have told me n the past that they do not redo missed spots. So i have shave which i hadreally hoped not to do after treatment as it will now grow in more stubbly feeling. MANY things do not make sense on the world of laser “spas”!