Current too high? Healing help?

Hi everyone,

Bit of background,

I’m spanish and pretty hairy! I get laser hair removal (6 sessions so far) on legs, Brazilian and underarms (pretty good results, was using coolglide pro, now on yag…the clinic changed lasers) gonna do another six on higher settings, as the previous were a bit low, I’m Fitzpatrick skin type ii-iii (super white in winter, but tan and go really dark in summer) also thick dark body hair :slight_smile:

I have a hairy snail trail or happy trail, in fact my whole belly has peach fuzz on it, but that particular area is full of dark black hairs I want gone.

I have a wonderful electrolysis, my upper lip us almost 100% hair free and she’s just lovely. I got her to do my tummy for me, and I’ve had two-three sessions. The first session she did quite a bit and I left with tiny blisters that scabbed and took MONTHS to heal. The second time I only asked her to do a bit, and the same thing happened, the last and latest time I asked her to remove about four pesky dark hairs that stood out, and again they’ve scabbed, and I still have marks from the older sessions.

I’m not worried about the scars…I believe in time they’ll fade to nothing, but they are taking forever at this stage, any tips??

And is the current too high? She uses an Apilus Platinum Pure 27 MHz ultra rapid epilator. Can I be treated at a lower setting and still get results? She’s done such a beautiful job on my upper lip, I never had scabbing, not sure what’s going on on my belly, but I was going to ask her to do a few hairs around my areola…now I’m a bit afraid as that’s slightly more delicate.

Any advice would be great! Really hope I can continue my belly over summer without getting these nasty scabs and marks! I’d like to go to the beach without arising any suspicion on what I’m doing to my belly!

I’d be happy to post photos If someone could tell me how :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks everyone!


Yes, do post photos! This website is not mobile friendly (old software). Upload your photo’s to something like Photobucket or Picasso. Copy the tags and paste them here.

Body work is different than facial work. Scabbing on the body is okay and is expected. Whatever your healing scenario is, you will heal. These are not scars. The skin cells are constantly being replaced. You can exfoliate the area, after you are fully healed from electrolysis. That will help the speed up the turnover of cells.

DO not freak out about scabs and red dots. Your skin is healing as Mother Nature intended it do. I like to massage a good quality aloe vera gel over the area immediately. You can continue doing that at home for three days.

If you do nothing at all, except wash with soap and water, you will still be fine.

… in addition, go to Electrology Now or YouTube and seek out Michael Bono’s channel for his video’s on The Healing Skin. You will be reassured about your situation.

I congratulate your electrologist in Spain for doing a fine job. Get those areola’s treated. You will be glad you did.

Hi Dee! Thanks so much, I’m actually in Australia, I found my electrolgist on here and have been ever so pleased! Things are healing really well now and I had a chat to her as well, I’m confident in continuing my treatment! Thanks so much for the links :slight_smile: :slight_smile: and the reply!

You are most welcome!

Come back and tell us about the end to your hair removal story. Pictures are always most helpful. :cool: