Curly/Coarse Hair Removal Question

Thanks for such an informative site. I have been receiving thermolysis treatments for approximately one year. However, I find that the professional providing my treatments still tugs (essentially plucks) the treated hairs. I have coarse African American textured hairs. Does the texture of my hair cause them to be harder to remove or is my service provider using an inadequate technique? From what I have read, I assume the hairs should slide out more easily than they have been, especially after so many months of weekly treatments. Please let me know if I should be patient or move on to another praticioner. Thanks.

Thick curly hairs, even when well treated still have to come out, and they are usually coming out from a cork screw shaped follicle, or some other curved follicle. The anchor system must not only be pulled into the hair shaft, but the solid curved bulb systeme must round the turn or spiral and come out intact.

This brings us back to the distinction between a little tug followed by the solid bulb system coming out with a pop, and a full on pluck that feels the same as when you yank out a hair on your own. If you feel the first, relax, if you feel the second, put your money away and run to the next consultation.