Hello everyone. First off, I would just like to say thank you to all those of whoom took the time to read my question.

My question is this: What would be the affects of a just recently turned 20 Year old male taking “SPIRONOLACTONE” with NO additional estrogens over the course of several months or possibly even Years? For example: Would acne deminish or Would fat be redistributed through out the body(Like say to the hips) or would hair become less dense on the body but not the Head?

Thank you to all those that provide adequte intelligence.


Everyone responds differently to these drugs, so it’s hard to generalize. Overall, they would prevent additional masculinizing, but would not cause significant feminizing on thier own. You would probably see a reduction in body hair over time, though hair above the neck probably wouldn’t be affected.

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First of all, I just want to say thank you Andrea for posting a reply to my question. It is greatly appreciated. So basically Anti-Androgens just basically prohibit the production of masculinization and realitively have little or no feminizing affects what so ever?


It depends on the person. If you block androgens, you may see some mild feminization, especially if you are overweight. Just as women produce testosterone and other androgens, men have estrogens in their bodies. Anti-androgens can cause the estrogens to have a mild to moderate effect in some people. The main effect of an anti-androgen in males is to reduce masculinizing characteristics-- you’ll see reduced sex drive and possible genital shrinkage and sexual side effects, possible reduction in body hair, possible changes in hair texture and skin tone/complexion, and possible muscle loss and fat redistribution over time to legs and chest-- more like an out of shape guy than an in-shape woman.

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I understand now. Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. Just 2 more questions and i’ll leave it alone. 1. What would be the affects of anti- androgens on a VERY healthy person with the weight of say 140 lbs? 2. Do you think it is possible for a person to produce an increased amount of estrogen with his or her mind alone? i.e. constantly in that state of mind and acting and so forth.

Thanks (again)

  1. You’d probably see reduction on muscle and a small increase in fat.

  2. If it were possible to control hormone levels with the mind, a lot of people would be doing it… probably better to go with a tried and true method.


Thank you for providing me with the excellent intelligence that you do Andrea. Just one more question. With my profession being an Aerobics Instructor, Do you think that will prohibit the Spino or Andro from working at their maximum performance? For example, Would all that Spino or Andro just get sweated out and it would be like the Spino and Andro were never takin? Tell me what you think.

And Thank you again.