Creams like Emla


anyone know of better creams than emla?

ie easier to apply, more effective…


Which topicals will work for you, if any of them will work at all, is an individual thing. Check out this page, and you will have a listing of the ones we know about. Pain Management Page Of course, you could always see about getting a shot of anesthesia prior to your proceedure. Where possible, that will probably be your best course of action if the treatment you are getting is too painful to bear.


I use 30g of Emla at each visit (for an area such as full arms). But, I also use ice packs directly before and directly after treatment. They really help minimize the pain.

As for alternatives to Emla, which is lydocaine and pryolocain, you could search for any topical -caine anestetic. There are some out there, but Emla is designed for deep penetration. Other products usually don’t last as long, and don’t penetrate deeply.

One of the funnies side effects I’ve had with Emla is that it makes my tongue numb for about 5 hours after application. :roll_eyes: