Crazy whiteheads after YAG, any tips?

I get hundreds of whiteheads for a week after my yag face treatments (they are mostly on the zapped hairs still stuck in skin). The skin looks amazing after 10 days, but until then, I’d like to avoid the whiteheads.

Anyone experience the same thing and found a trick?

I keep my face clean both before and after treatment, and ice right after the treatment. I have tried all types of acne creams, no luck.

It’s not acne, so you shouldn’t use any acne creams. It’s your face healing. The best thing you can do is avoid using anything with chemicals after the treatment, including lotions, moisturizers, sunblock, facewashes, makeup, etc. Also, icing every day and even a few times a day would help. And warm compresses too.

Thanks LA Girl. I agree, it’s not acne. Pus is usually a sign of bacterial infection or immune system response, so after my last treatment I applied some Benzoyl peroxide (acne cream) to my whitehead flare as soon as it started to show up a few hours after. The Benzoyl peroxide actually did help a little but made my face too dry.

I just wish there was a cream that would stop the pus infection from starting. On another forum someone had suggested using applying bacitracin.

I agree though, I probably shouldn’t put anything on it.

Only thing that I find helps a bit is to wash the area when you get home to get any creams, or ultrasound gel or numbing cream completely off your skin. I then ice it for awhile to bring down any swelling or redness and use a hydrocortizone cream as well which helps.

I would ice and use warm compresses instead. Witch hazel and tea tree oil would be good too.

After trying everything I would say stay away from any solutions that dry your skin. They are irritated follicles not acne. Use Mometasone Furoate Cream 0.1%. I tried everything form cetaphil to Benzoyl Peroxide to clear Aloe Vera gel only making the irritation worse… The Mometasone finally calmed my skin down. It’s a topical steroid that is stronger than your everyday OTC hydrocortisone.