CPE vs. LE

Is one certification preferable to the other? In reading old posts, I see that people often refer to CPEs, but not very often to LEs… which one should I be looking for?


Neither certification is a guarantee of good work. LE is a state certification, which only exists and is required in licensed states. Regulations in different states are very different. CPE is a voluntary certification. CPE exam is sometimes a prerequisite for the state license.

What you should be looking for:
www.hairfacts.com has a good list of things to which you might want to pay attention when looking for an electrologist. Of course, the standard best advice is to try out as many electrologists as you can within your traveling range.

ditto what yb said.

No certification can really offer you any proof of perfect treatment. Even the best certification can only show the skills of a practitioner on the day the certification was given, and most offer renewals that don’t require retesting.

The proof is in the results, and for that, you need to know someone who has been to someone who is good, or take one for the team and get as many consultations and sample treatments as you can and report back here.

If you post your results in the referral section, you might save the next person looking in your area some steps.