COVID-19 closures

By now, many of my professional colleagues have already shut down their practices due to the recent outbreaks of COVID-19. I am still muddling through for a few days, but have put in extra precautions as a result and expect to be ordered to close soon.
All hair removal consumers, and electrologists alike, need to take extra care to protect their health and wellbeing. For the most part, electrology is not possible while maintaining the social distancing now being recommended by health practitioners. Already the entirety of north america is shut down to international travellers, and many other countries as well.
hand washing is a requiement to beating this virus, as is isolating yourself from society in general. Today is the time to be at home with your families, and not unfortuantely geting hair removal.
Already most states and provinces have closed all schools, and many places are ordering bars, restaurants , and personal service workplaces to close. Italy has been extremely badly hit, and electrologists from Italy have stated openly that to protect ourselves, we must stay home and stay in isolation. The disease is in the community transmission stage in much of North America.
Unfortuantely, this means most of you , will have to put your hair removal aside for the moment, and look after your health first.


Agree. Due to the intimate nature of these personal services, it is prudent to postpone any hair removal that is not medically necessary to resolve a serious immediate problem like trichiasis. Consumers and practitioners should hold off until further notice to the safety of themselves, their friends, and their loved ones, not to mention those who are more vulnerable to this terrible virus.


Due to Covid-19 escalation

Argyll Electrolysis Clinic Scotland

My dear clients in order to keep you safe I’ve made the sad decision to close the clinic for the next few months.
I’ll miss the chats, laughs and even the odd tear, our conversations while I work feed my soul. In the meantime STAY AWAY from the wax and tweezers, believe me I’ll know if you’ve started to undo any of our good work :open_mouth:

I’ll still be here for advice, and delighted to do online consultations. It’s a good time to start prepping for treatment later this year.
Ph, text, fb message or WhatsApp 07979042451

Our secret world of electrolysis :two_hearts:

In the meantime take time to :dancer: at a distance of course :dancer::dancer::dancer::man_dancing:t3::man_dancing:t3::dancing_men::dancing_men:

Mairi :blush:


Thanks Mairi for the up to date information.
I did my first "work from home " shift today, 2 clients 4 hours of electrolysis ( and both self-quarantining otherwise) . It wasnt horrible, but I dont really want to do that again, I truly hope its not months as Mairi has suggested , but it may well be. I expect our government to tell us to close by this week. This is going to be a bad time for both electrologists, and hair removal consumers alike.


Not all DIY hand gel are effective to kill germs.
These are formulas recommened by WHO =>

I’ve closed my business effective today.
We’re starting to compile lists on forums where electrologists operate, as to what places are closed or not closed globally: So Far we are aware of the following:

New York
New Jersey
Rhode Island
New Brunswick
Nova Scotia
There will be many more and we will be updating this list as we learn about them.

Florida, indianapolis and , Quebec are the only ones I can confirm at this time.

Here in Ontario however as in any place remaining open, many clinics have closed anyway as mine has.Also note that sheltering in place and not attending in close quarters to others ( such as takes place in electrology) is the current recommendation world wide. It’s not worth dying to get the hair off, and we will be there to help you when this is all over. Electrolysis clients are continued to be advised to not pluck during quarantine, no matter how hard it is.

The next big event on the horizon, is economic wipeout - Depression, not recession. I hate to sound so negative and I truly hope my instincts are wrong. We have no choice but to hunker down, but common sense tells us that this is not sustainable for long. God Bless everyone and may the scientific and medical community find treatments soon and a vaccine later, as soon as possible for both.

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Luxury services like hair removal, dont do well in depressions.

My instincts tell me the same thing. We are in for a long hard ride. It’s October 1929 all over again.

Ontario has now ordere closure of all non-essential businesses. My landlord at office has signiicantly reduced rent for next 2 months and my homelandlord isnt accepting rent at the moment. I’ve put a ton of good-will out there to my contacts, and its now coming full circle. Enough to know, I’ll be there when we are ready to re-open. I’m so thankful to my wonderful staff , professional contacts, and clientele. Keep putting it out there folks we can weather this storm.

As a side note, Dee, my friend, you have put so much out there in terms of good-will and paying it forward, I have absolutely no doubt whatsoever concerning your triumphant return once this all shakes out. Keep a positive attitude, you will continue to outshine and defeat adversity of this I have no doubt!

Thanks, Seana dear. I’m seeing things unravel and two of my kids are on the front line as health professionals and they are exhausted. My positivity level is slowly fading. Throw in economic calamity and maybe collapse that may follow if the world community doesn’t get back to work, then KABOOM!

One thing that makes me hopeful are the 4 clinical trials underway. The ebola drug is showing some promise. I do feel that the best and brightest will come up with a way to clobber this virus. There is a lot of incentive to do so. We are all hopeful. Hugs to you, Seana.

So, many electrolysis practices are still on hold, including mine. None of us know when we will re-open. We do have a closed forum where we discuss this and we are anxiously waiting for a sign to return. I hear that Covid-19 behaves much like the SARS virus. The SARS virus started in November 2003 and “disappeared” by late July - August 2004. International travel was not as great then as it is now, so who knows if that will be the case with this strain. We are missing our clients at this point and I’m sure they miss us.This will pass. Still keeping the hope function alive.

Alot has happened in 11 days.The current list of who s closed is: Everyone.Everywhere.
I have hope too Dee but as this drags on longer that hope is starting to wane.
current projections are the covid-19 outbreak may last 2 years or more. I dont see the public health officials allowing us back to work until it is COMPLETLY over. I know I will have to close my office permanently if I’m forced to close more than a month or two. That hope is slowly becoming a faint glimmer.

And still I dont see the surge of ideas on how to negate this threat in our practises.

I’m getting emails from clients saying " I promise I’m healthy can I please have an appointment? and I’m having to tell them that the fines for an individual are $7500 and for a business $100000 and I cant risk either that, nor my families health, no matter how important your hair issue is.

These are dark times.