Covering Skin Distress After Electrolysis

Hi All,

I am starting electrolysis again next week. Last night I went for a consultation and had a small area done to test my skin reaction. I have had some swelling last night and today and now have red bumps. I have religiously followed aftercare instructions (e.g., no makeup, soaps, etc…only witch hazel). I’m wondering after the 24- 48 hrs, how do people suggest hiding the skin irritation? Is there certain makeup, etc? On a related issue, my electrologist suggests thinning hair to start makes sense for me to minimize the skin sensitivity (since my facial hair is all so close together). If I let my hair grow for treatment, and then it is only thinned, how should I go about removing the remaining hair in between appointments?

Thanks for the suggestions!

Bleaching of hairs or cut hair with scissors.

Have you sampled a few elecgtrologists. Another practitioner may get less skin reaction. It is vital to find the best operater in your area.

Witch hazel, aloe vera gel (the purest you can find) and a few dabs of tea tree oil at bedtime will help better than witch hazel alone. Beginning treatment healing can leave more temporary reaction than later treatments. Swelling, pinkness and small red spots are okay and should subside within minutes to a week depending on the area, the hair structure, the amount of hair you present with, your healing powers, skill of the electrologist, equipment used and there is more, but I will stop here. There is a lot to think about and assess in the beginning. You can’t expect your skin to look perfect after it has been “invaded”. Accept some temporary reaction that returns to normal within minutes to a week. If people are asking if you are having an acne outbreak or what happened to you skin, then something needs to change. Anything that sticks around after that time, tell your electrologist about so she/he can change strategy.

Between treatments, clip or shave the hair. Bleaching is fine, too. No need to have long hairs hanging around between treatments. Hopefully, you electrologist has decent spend.


I have tried two electrologists in the area. After one, I had tiny scabs everywhere! The other did a test area on my face and I had little red bumps for three days and only 1 scab…but this was a much smaller area than the first person treated. I definitely want to shave in between, but I know that I need to give the skin time to heal before I irritate it any more. I just hope this thinning process can get me to full clearance fast! Thank you for the extra skin care suggestions!