couple of questions

i apologize if these questions have been asked before. i just had electrolysis done for the first time on my chin and upper lip both of which i have been plucking for years. i just stopped plucking a week ago so that i could begin weekly electrolysis. my electroligist does all three methods but today she used blend because she said for thicker hairs (like the ones on my chin and lip that i had been plucking), this method was better. would the electrolgists on this forum agree with that? also, regarding caffeine, i forgot to ask her about this, should it be avoided permanently or just before the treatment to help alleviate any pain? and lastly some areas that i want to have worked on have only been shaved (like my legs) or have never been shaved, waxed, or plucked or anything. on one of the areas that had only been shaved would it still need to be treated more than once after letting it grow out? and on the areas on which the hair had never been removed, same question. would it need to be treated more than once after it had been cleared? thanks for any answers that anyone can offer.

In all areas whether they have been plucked, shaved, left untouched, etc… hair growth runs in cycles. Even after a clearing of an area, there will be NEW hair growth, due to the follicles that were in the dormant stage and/or the hair(s) that your electrologist was not able to treat because the hair(s) did not reach the skin surface yet. A lot depends on the individual because no two people are alike. On a average unshaven areas you see about 60% of the hairs, shaven areas about 25% of the hairs and in the tweezed areas about 10% of the hairs that are present. Do not get discouraged though. A routine schedule with your eletrologist over a 6 to 8 month period will have great results.
As for your question on the blend. I personally prefer to use the blend on my clients when I am treating the facial area. I like the results of the blend method and when I have asked my clients as to which method they prefer they have all agreed on the blend. Caffine or any other stimulant can increase your sensitivity to treatments. I advise my clients to come in as relaxed as possible. Some need the caffine to relax and others do not. Everyone is different and there is no right or wrong. The individual has to determine for themselves what is best.

I prefer doing the Blend on thick facial hair initially. If there is a lot of hair to conquer and the client wants to reach first clearance as quickley as possible, thermolysis would be a good choice,however, the client may see more regrowth with thermolysis and those hairs will need to be re-treated a second or third time,etc. If I can clear an area pretty fast with the Blend method,that would be my first choice. Just remember,you MUST STOP TWEEZING when you start electrolysis. This is the reason for using the strategy of thermolysis to quickley clear an area is helpful, because the client isn’t tempted to pluck if the problem is controlled. Keep regular appointments so you can keep ahead of the new growth and re-growth of hair.

I advise my clients to avoid caffiene at least 12 hours before an appointment if they are extremely sensitive to the sensation of electrolysis. If they tolerate a session well, then they can do what they want. Remember, drink 6-8 glasses of real water 24 hours prior to your treatment if you are not doing that anyway.


Just a few things I have to say because I hope people don’t misunderstand things here.

Even bad thermolysis gives a person about 6 weeks before any True Regrowth is seen. (True regrowth is a hair that actually has been treated, and grows back) Don’t confuse new hairs that have not been treated, and were not visible at the time of treatment for “regrowth”. Those are just another cycle of hair growth, and are different hairs.

One really needs to wait till the same month, next year to see the full result of the work you have done now. That is why before, during and after pictures are so important.

Well Done Electrolysis can kill a hair no matter what method is used.

Caffeine takes a full 3 days to fully exit the system, but any abstinence from the product will decrease the sensations felt during treatment. Caffeine is only added to products for its addictive properties. Everyone would do well to purge it from their lives.

Coffee, black tea, and colas are powerful stimulants that overstress the body in many ways. They deplete vitamin B1 (thiamin) biotin, inosotol, vitamin C, calcium, potassium, and zinc. It is the B vitamin deficiency and dehydration effect that leads to increased experience of pain during treatment. Anything that robs your body of moisture should be avoided around electrolysis, because the better hydrated you are, the lower the treatment settings can be made. The nervous system needs B vitamins, and when they are low, we are easily frazzled, and experience pain more sharply.

Caffeine also increases thirst; overstimulates and weakens the kidneys, pancreas, liver, stomach, intestines, heart, nervous system, and glands, (especially the adrenals); and overacidifies the pH (causing potential premature aging). Coffee is laced with pesticides and free-radical-producing hydrocarbons that weaken cell membranes. Studies show individuals who drink the most coffee often suffer chronic depression. What’s more, it only takes a small amount of coffee before the negative effects start kicking in – as little as two small cups or one mug full a day. (Decaf coffee is a better choice but not great because it contains a small amount of caffeine as well as all the pesticides and hydrocarbons. Furthermore, they use formaldehyde to make Decaf! Speaking of that embalmers fluid, Aspartame also metabolized in the body into a form of formaldehyde as well.)

Caffeine contributes to PMS as well, as it raises estrogen levels too high relative to progesterone levels and that not only causes PMS but menopausal discomfort as well as more serious hormone related problems … and of course as always, cancer.

People cutting off Caffeine cold turkey will have a raging headache on the second and or third day, but after that, they will be fine if they abstain from reintroducing the stuff to their body.
For those who feel they need caffeine to be alert, try the amino acid L-tyrosine instead. You will be surprised at how your body reacts.

I really tried to make this a short post. HONEST!

thank you all for the information. i am setting up routine appointments and i understand that it will take a long time. i am just very glad to be started on my face which i had been plucking for years up until now. i am setting up a second weekly appointment to start on my body but just wasn’t sure if it would go more quickly since i had never plucked or waxed those areas.