Countries where we can not work legally

At the beginning I though that France was the only country in the world where I could not work because the law forbid non-physician to practice electrolysis hair removal.

However I learned from clients and colleagues that this is the same situation in Belorus (a dictatorial country near to Russia) and Algery (in the north of Africa). Maybe the last one received the French law as an heritage since Algery was colonized by French in the 19th century. However I don’t know why it is happening in Belorus… they also think that only doctors can provide electrolysis.

In these 3 countries, people suffer from the lack of good electrologists. That’s a shame.

Last year a young girl from Algery contacted me for electrolysis: she couldn’t find any professionals there and she couldn’t travel to get the treatment done. Sad situation.

Hopefully here in Spain, we can learn electrolysis during 2 years course of "superior beautician technician’) and practice it. It is a very interesting course (we learn a lot of things such as lymphatic drainage, the human body and phisiology, sterilization, electrical currents in the aesthetic field, laser hair removal, beauty treatments…) however the electrolysis course is not very good.

So it is not perfect situation since there is still a lot of mistakes about electrolysis in school but at least here we can legally practice and work.

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I live in Belgium and here they can do it. But the quality of service is appalling. At least, the two places I’ve tried.

Now I want to only do it in Spain, but it isn’t easy. There are the costs of traveling and also the difficulties to arrange it due to work constraints.

I wonder why there are so few doing electrolysis, considering how many women and men would like to have it done!

The main issue is the education. There is no education at all in electrolysis

Can the law be changed in France? Also, is there any profitability in doing electrolysis? If there are free markets and individual freedom to start a business and keep most of your labor, which is your private property, then good things will flow from making the business environment profitable for the individual and thus for those seeking your service. If endless, needless regulations are in place, no one will have an incentive to work. It’s just human nature.

We already spoke about this issue some years ago, here and on Facebook groups. This is very complicated. Maybe with time, thinks will change… or not !