Counter Examples

So a lot of posts on this site, and even my dermatologist recommended I switch to an electric shaver to help prevent Ingrown hairs.

The ingrowns weren’t really a problem with a blade so long as I stayed with-the-grain. Unfortunately, this meant I looked perpetually scruffy…and for my job, that was unacceptable.

Anyway, I took your advice and bought a cool-skin Norelco. and I just shaved with it for my first time.

The shave was pleasant, and the little shaving lotion it pumps out is a nice touch.

However, I found that it cuts MUCH closer than I ever would with a blade. It literally looks like I dragged a blade against the grain on my face…it’s incredibly smooth to the touch.

This SOUNDS like a good thing, but I’m totally afraid that I’m going to wake up with a faceful of ingrowns tomorrow.

my question is…has anyone had their ingrowns/razor burn WORSEN because of an electric shaver?

Never, The only reason I stoped using electric razors is because I find sraight blades to get closer. I owned the one you are talking about, however i prefered the Braun self cleaning one.

I actually did end up with some pretty bad ingrowns. I’m going to fight through the 21 day adjustment period before I give up on the norelco, though.

I’m surprised that people get closer shaving WITH the grain than they do with an electric. When I shave with the grain, I pretty much have a 5 o’ clock shadow all day.