Could someone help me?


I am 27 years old male with excessive hairs on my body! My entire body (well almost…) is covered with hairs. My chest hairs are like 3 inches in length and the hairs on my hands are like an inch long! I am so fed up of my hairs that I just want to get rid of them once and for all… Is there a “permanent” or viable solution for me? Could someone let me know?

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Since your name suggests you are from India, and people from your country have a wide range of skin tones, I’ll try to give you an answer that can cover all the possibilities.

I’m assuming your hair is dark brown or black with little gray at 27. If your skin is fairly light in color, laser may be a good option to research if you’d like permanent hair reduction. If it is darker in color, you may want to consider trasditional electrolysis instead:

Hairfacts: laser hair removal

Hairfacts: electrolysis

An alexandrite laser is probably a good option to consider if you decide to try lasers:

Hairfacts: alexandrite lasers