Could patches work?


Hi All!
Another newbie here…
I have been looking for one of these patch systems to do some hair-removal, but after reading some of the posts in here, I kinda think that thjis would not be the best way to go. All the tests and reviews I have read on this indicates that patches will not help me one bit…

Wanted to save some money and do it myself…Is these pens the only way to do it on a budget?

I bet this has been asked before, But I couldn’t find any matching posts!



If everything else you’ve read says that, even if someone came on here and claimed it’d work for them, I’d avoid it like the plague. It’s usually best to be wary.


so called “patch” systems are just scams. If you insist on doing it yourself, you should get a buddy, and both of you learn how to do it, and trade services on each other.

I would suggest that you purchase “The Blend Method” by Mike Bono published by Tortoise Press. Don’t let the title fool you. The book gives excellent information on Galvanic, Blend, and Thermolysis. I would also suggest getting a used professional unit if you can.