Could I have pcos?

I have hirsutism (neck, breasts, stomach, upper thighs, etc.) and also thinning scalp hair. I have had my hormones tested and have always been told they are in the normal range. I asked my gyn to test my dhea because I heard that was associated with hairloss and she tested that and some other androgens, etc. My dhea came back at 1584 which is highly elevated. Dhea-s was normal though as well as whatever else they tested. I have been referred to an endocrinologist and have an appointment September 17. I want to know if pcos is a possibility. I have brought this up before but the Doctor looked at me and said I don’t have it. I have a period about every 4 1/2 weeks, I am not overweight and do not have acne. Opinions?

You’ll need to see an experienced Endocrinologist. Most gynos and regular doctors don’t know enough to diagnose PCOS and are quick to dismiss it. So that’s your best approach right now. I would search for an endo who has a lot of experience with PCOS.

When I went to an endo she had my hormones tested as well and my DHEA came back as 411 and 380 (2 different days of testing)… The normal range cutoff was at 400 so she told me although my DHEA is a bit on the high side, it isn’t exactly cause for worry. But 1584 sounds very high and I would definetly keep pressing on this issue. It is hard to find a doctor who will be understanding on this topic unfortunetly…