Could I have a bit of advice.

Hiya, well Iv’e just come on here for some advice really.

I’ve just 16 and as youv’e probably guessed I have a large ammount of excess body hair, from cheeks to toe, back and all. I generally need advice about how to get rid of this excess hair.

Iv’e tried shaving (which just cause razor bumps etc. as well as causing my skin to become very sensitive and sore), waxing cause my back to break out, along with the fact that I had to let my hair grow 1/2 inch to an inch (as im sure you all know) before waxing which didnt solve my problem of hiding my hairyness. Epilators = ingrowns for me and Hair removing cream such as veet etc. would only disolve half of the hairs seeing as they are very thick in some places.
Unfortunatly I can’t have electrolysis for another 2 years seeing as theres some law about you having to be 18 to have it (this is in England) and I don’t really want to have to wait that long.

Iv’e devloped very early compared to most boys such as having to start fully shaving my face at 12 years old. Anyways enough of my whining, I was just wondering if people know of any other routes I can take, such as going to a endocrinologist, dermatologist etc. I think there was another post about a guy saying that he had to many Free T’s (Free testosterone), dunno whether that might be my case but whatever.

All ideas are welcome and thanks for your time <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />


Hi Ben:

I would think that an endrocrinologist would be reluctant to administer any type of anti-androgen such as spironolactone at your age to control hair. Anything they might give you would also affect your masculinity somewhat.
If you had a severe hormonal imbalance they might be able to do something however.