Costs For Lower Back, Chest, Legs

Hey all. I am new to this board. Looking for some thoughts on what people view to be reasonable costs (in US or Can $) for “permanent” laser hair removal. I definitely want to do lower back as it is a pain to shave but luckily my back is ok otherwise. In what range does one think I should spend for such a procedure? (I know it varies, but I would like an expected range so I know I am not being taken for a ride by a clinic)

Also, I am contemplating both legs as well as chest. Cost estimates for these areas would be appreciated as well.

I am mid-20s with olive skin, dark hair if that has any bearing on cost.

Any guidance or links to costs on the web would be appreciated.

At my practitioner, backs, legs, and chest would prolly cost 1500-1900 per treatment. (Can$)