Costs and success of laser hair removal

I am considering having laser hair removal done on my upper lip. I am researching this for the first time today. Can anybody give me any feedback on this, good or bad experiences as well as what I can expect for costs?

If you want positive reviews of LASER, you need to post something in the LASER forum. Here in the electrolysis forum, those who have had experience with LASER decided to go to electrolysis, or go back to electrolysis after dropping what they concluded was money ill spent on LASER. Just understand that both proceedures have limits, and you need to know what each offers so that you can honestly know if that return on investment is what you are looking to buy.

But if anyone tells you that you will have only 3 to 5 LASER treatments, and get permanent hair removal for your money, they probably also have the deed to a bridge in Brooklyn ready for you to buy as well. :roll_eyes:

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Actually, you CAN get permanent hair removal after 1 treatment, and done correctly you do. Same thing with electrolysis. Any time a follicle root is killed that hair is gone forever. I’m assuming what James meant to say is that anyone claiming to provide 100% permanent smooth clear removal after 3 to 5 treatments (which some laser places sem to do) is lying.

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Although I should say in afterthought, that with Electrology you have a shot at smooth removal after 5 treatments because each hair is treated individually (laser treats whole patches at a time). Of coarse the Electrologist would have to be an absolute artist, and the vast majority aren’t.

Thank You, RedHead.

You are correct in firming up what I was trying to convey.

If Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons of KISS went to Chez-LASE and expected to have one, three, or even five treatments and never have hair on their chests again, they would succeed in removing dollars from their bank accounts, but would not have buttery smooth chests for the rest of their lives.