I was wondering how much laser hair removal would cost on my back. My whole back isn’t covered, there are patches that are pretty long and dark. Thanks.


I’m in the same situation you are–wanting my back done but not having hair on the entire area. I live in New Jersey and just got a consult done last week. I was given a quote of $2600 for 6 treatments. She insisted on 6 treatments since you need to catch the hair at different times for different growth phases. These treatments are spaced out over 4-6-8 weeks depending on the treatment.

That makes each treatment about $420, but it is a package deal and I’m not sure if I have to pay the entire amount up front, or pay for each treatment–I didn’t ask.

Anyway, hope this helps. In addition, visit a local reputable doctor-supervised hair removal clinic. They will give you a free consult and price quote based on your skin type and hair amount.


You are looking at probably spending a little over $1000 for the patches on your back. Again it depends on the place and the amount of patches.

Packages you normally have to pay for upfront and is usually in a package of 6 but TECHNICALLY you may not need the whole 6 treatments so see if they will refund you if you don’t need all of the treatments. The place I go to will refund me if I don’t use all the treatments I purchased.