what is considered average/reasonable per hour ?

Prices vary according to location. For example, you will pay more per hour in New York City because rent is higher and the general cost of living is higher.

Here in Ohio where I practice, I have seen prices from $45 per hour to $80 per hour with the average being $60 per hour.


The national average is $60 per hour, and I have seen ligitimate practitioners charging as high as $200 per hour. What you really need to remember is that dollars per hour don’t tell the whole story. What you need to know is hairs per dollar, and the end result on your skin.

A practitioner who can only remove 100 hairs per hour, but charges $30 an hour is NOT cheaper than a practitioner removing 300 hairs per hour charging $60. Furthermore, a practitioner removing 5,000 hairs per hour charging $300 is still not a better deal than someone removing 500 per hour charging $200 if the person working slower leaves flawless skin, while the lightening artist is leaving marks, and having a higher regrowth rate.

There is more on this subject in other posts, but I don’t have time to find them and give you links to them. Read up both hear and on

In short, there is no substitute for research, and getting as many sample treatments and consultations from as many people as you can find in your area. (wish we could help you more, but our referral section has not had as much input as we would like.)

One electrologist can finish an area in 5 hours another electrologist can finsih the same area in 2 hours! Which electrologist is cost effective? Who is doing the better job? You pay for experience, education, talent, and honesty. Read carefully very carefully. [color:“blue”]