cost is definetely an issue for me.

i am trying to find some effective treatment for permanent hair removal that will not cost me a fortune but i am willing to fork out more than i should. i have ordered a home use electrolysis machine from a website. it’s fianlly free home kit but i am not sure this is what i need. i am looking to remove the hair from the entire bikini area. not just the sides. my skin is sensitive and the hair is ultra thick and coarse. when i go running i end up very sore from the abrasion of it. :blush: does that mean that it just wont work for some people or that these people are picky, or that these people went to a bad doctor? i cant arrord to waste my money.
i may keep this machine for use on my arms and underarms… any body tried these areas at home?
as for the bikini area though i am weary. i live in warner robins, ga. 30 minutes away from macon, 2 hours from atlanta. if anyone has any advice in helping find the right thing please let me know. i want this to work more than anything. :stuck_out_tongue: i hope to hear some info soon. thanx jb

  1. situation sucks, not a single method is perfect. Every permanent option can leave scars.
    I can’t believe it either, we send people to the moon but can’t remove hair without scar risk.

  2. more reliable = more expensive.

Best option at the moment = shave.

I also get irritated by hair. It’s not so much the way it looks but the way it gets caught on things.

Anyone who’s hairy behind the knees will understand. Ditto for a hairy arse. Not nice and I got both, nevermind the hairy back…