Cosmetic surgery getting to be a guy thing

osmetic surgery is getting to be a guy thing
Tuesday, October 18, 2005
Tenton NJ Times

According to the New York-based American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, men had nearly 1.2 million cosmetic procedures in 2004, an increase of 8 percent over 2003.

Since 1997, cosmetic surgical procedures among men have increased 19 percent while nonsurgical procedures have increased a whopping 925 percent, says ASAPS spokeswoman Adeena Colbert.

The top procedures for men are all nonsurgical, according to ASAPS. Most popular are Botox injections, followed by laser hair removal, chemical peels, microdermabrasion and laser skin resurfacing.

While men still account for only 10 percent of the cosmetic plastic surgery market, demand for procedures by men is certain to rise, according to Colbert. Men are growing less embarrassed by the prospect of undergoing cosmetic surgery, she says, citing a 2005 ASAPS survey which found 59 percent of men approved of plastic surgery in general and 79 percent said they wouldn’t be embarrassed to have it themselves.