Correct way to epilate

I just received a Braun Silk-Epil (model 3370). I tried it out on my lower leg first which has just a day or so worth of stubble after shaving. It picked up some hair but not the shorter ones. I am not sure I am doing this right… could someone please tell me how to do this correctly?


Depending on the make of Epilator, hair needs to be at least 1mm long for the rotary tweezer to grab the hair folicole.

Basicly, you go against the hair direction at a 45° angle but since some hairs grow in various directions use different directions.

Keep epilating, and eventually all the hairs that you shaved will pop up to be removed.
Don’t forget to exfoilate everyday!

A few more questions:

After showering/exfoliating, I tried epilating again and while alot of hair seems to be coming out, I feel stubbly. Will this go away with continued use? Or is there a certain technique that I need to do to achieve smooth legs?

How often do you have to stop and clean out the epilator before continuing on? I’ve noticed that they just seem to fall out of the epilator throughout the whole process.

There are two speeds on my Braun. I have it on the fastest one… what would the slowest one be used for?

Thanks for your help!

As I epilate, I think of more questions:

How many times can you (or are you suppose to?) go over the same spot before you should stop?

Are you suppose to press down on the epilator when epilating?

I always understood that the different speeds on an epilator were for different coarseness of hair.

I don’t think you’re supposed to press down as such, just run it over the skin surface. But one word of advice - if you are going to use it over areas of soft skin keep the skin pulled tight as it can catch. I do this and have no problems.

Like sunny said, no need to pressdown.
Just let the epilator slid over the skin and do it’s job.

I guess a long as you have hair on the spot you’re working on, sure use the epilator till the hair is gone.
Use aloe afterwards.