Ive had 11 sessions of CoolGlide ( - London) laser on my back and shoulders, apart from burning a hole in my bank account it hasnt really done anything.

The staff are absolutely lovely and i have full confidence in their ability, just think it doesn’t work for me.

I thought it was working ok, until a few weeks ago. Im not going bold as yet but i thought i would try regain as a precaution for the future (dad is bold), i have noticed that the hair on my body has got darker, dont know if its just my imagination but since using it i look like a yeti, so obviously stopped.

I have dark hair on Latin skin (not pasty white but not tanned), should i use a better laser type, if so are they available in and around central/north london?

Do you feel anything during the treatments? Have they tried increasing the fluence levels? It is possible you are being undertreated. What does the practitioner have to say about this?


it hursts like hell, even with the emla. When i finish it looks like i jumped in stinging nettles.

What fluence level were you treated at?


i have no idea, i just struggle not to cry in front of the pretty ladies.

i will have to find out next time i go, prob after xmass

is the coolglide a decent laser?

The Coolglide is supposed to be a good laser. I had my beard done with the Sciton Image which is of the same 1064nm wavelength. I had 50% of my beard removed in two treatments.

I am probably going to have at least two more treatments with the Lyra-i, also a Nd:YAG 1064.

Usually when laser treatments don’t work it is because of undertreatment or wrong skin/hair color.

If the laser really isn’t working, you should probably look at electrolysis.


I’ve been getting legs, chest and abs done with the CoolGlide, and I’m pretty happy with the results after 4 sessions.

Legs and chest have shown significant thinning - I’d anticipate only needing another 2 (and maybe only even 1) treatments.

Abs seem to be a little more stubborn for me. I can certainly see a difference, but I think I’ve got quite a way to go.

When the ladies at the clinic have been feeling kind, they’ve also done a few sessions on my shoulders - and for some reason, that hasn’t been so successful. I’ve never noticed any hairs shedding from there at all.

I’ve got dark hair, with pale skin (although I can tan moderately well). I think there are just some areas that are incredibly resistant to laser…

CoolGlide is a very good laser. I used to have it, but it was very painfull compared to GentleLase.
It sounds that you have purpora(bumps above the hair follicle) after the treatment, which is a good sign. Unfortunately I also have two paitients who show all the signs that enough laser energy is absorbed, with hardly any results to show for it. It is not common, but small percentage of people don’t respond to laser tretments.

I had 5 laser “treatments” with a CoolGlide laser and it was virtually uneffective. I had it performed on the shoulders and on the chest. On the shoulders it did absolutely nothing for. I think maybe two hairs fell out? On the chest it worked ok, although it did what it is supposed to be advertised as doing, that is “reduction.” The hair has grown back for the most part and it has been 3-4 months since my last treatment. Many have reported with an Nd:Yag laser that this is what happens. Also, I am what they consider an ideal candidate - meaning that I have dark hair and light skin. Am I happy with the results? Somewhat, my chest looks decent although it is by no means “removal.” I certainly wish I could have back the $1300 that I spent although I am relatively pleased for the time being with what I am left with. It is advertised to feel like a rubberband snap however I felt like someone was smashing a sledgehammer into my chest almost everytime they zapped me. Shop around a lot before you go, and do your homework.

I am surprised to hear about your experience with CoolGlide. I used this laser a couple of years ago, with pretty good results. What I am surprised about, is that someone with light skin would use a Yag laser, since it is one of the most painful lasers. Try switching to an Alexandrite laser, like GentleLase Plus. It has18mm spot size laser, which allows it to penetrate deeper under the skin to kill the hair follicles. Good luck

I have found another laser place in my local area, its roughly the same price a treatment but its embaracing going local so thats why i travel to london for my treatments. I sent an email to the salon and they sent me this rubbish, any idea what this means? how does it compare to the coolglide?

1 watt to 30 watts
pulse width range from 15 ms to 999 ms
Fluence capabilities from 0.8J/cm to 500J/cm
wavelength of 810nm