Has anybody be treated with the Coolglide laser (N-Yag type), please ?
Have you had any good result ?

My skin is of type 3 and my hair is light brown.
The aera I would like to treat is the tights…the hair is fairly dense.
I am not sure which laser would be the best and since I am on a low budget, I would like to get your advices on what is best, before spending money for nothing.

Thanks - Cora.

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Cora: I work in a practice that uses the Altus Coolglide XEO (we’ve been through every up-grade on these machine) and we have been extremely happy with the results. We used to have a Lightsheer, but since 50% of our patient load is ethnic, Fitzpatrick 4-6 skin types, the Lightsheer was way too problematic. We realized that we could get either two different machines, or find one that could treat all skin types. The Coolglide would work very well on you, but you could also be successfully treated with a diode or alexandrite machine. Be aware that if you are tan, the alexandrite and diode machines are more likely to cause hypo- or hyperpigmentation, crusts, scabs and swelling. You really should not be tan if you opt to be treated by these machines. Tanning is not an issue with the Coolglide, since it can treat all skin colors. Hope this helps! Ciao :wink:

Thank you for your reply hairfetish.
I will go for the test patch then with coolglide.