Coolglide XEO - Ineffective?

Some quick background. I’m male, 37, Skin Type II with dark blonde hair and blue eyes. My skin is often more Type III from being out in the sun for work or vacation. I have somewhat in between coarse/fine black hairs on back/shoulders not very thick but definitely all over the back and shoulders and noticable.

About two years ago I went to Alase Med Spa for IPL laser hair removal for my back. Had six treatments. A year after the sixth treatment - all the hair grew back.

Two months ago, I purchased a package for $1,800 for 4 laser hair treatments for my back from a legtimate laser hair removal doctor located in Northern Virginia. The Doctor had a variety of lasers but because my skin was somewhat tanned recommended the use of the Coolglide XEO YAG laser. I had the first treatment at settings 60 Joules, 20 ms. It took the doctor only about 30 minutes. Days after the first treatment all the hair grew back and there was no shedding?

I contacted the doctor and he told me to come back in 4 weeks for another treatment. I had another treatment last week. Again the doctor used the Coolglide XEO because he again said my skin was somewhat tanned. This time he said he used the setting on the Coolglide 60 Joules, 10ms. He told me that 60 Joules was the max power on the Coolglide that he would use for my skin type and that all subsequent treatments would be at 60 Joules? Again the entire back treatment took only 30 minutes.

It has been a week since the second treatment and all the hair has grown back and no shedding has occured.

A few questions:

-Should my treatments only be taking 30 minutes for the entire back?

-Is 60 J/20ms the right setting for me on the Coolglide? I feel like people on this board have had treatments at much higher settings but the doctor is indicating this is the highest he uses?

-Finally, I know this doctor also has a diode laser? For my skin type and somewhat in between coarse/fine back hair - wouldn’t this laser be better? I agree with the doctor - that my skin is somewhat tan (which I can’t help from working at a pool 1-2 days a week) - but would that totally eliminate using a diode?

I won’t answer your questions specifically because the answers to wont’ help you. Here’s the deal:

  • It doesn’t sound like your hair is coarse enough for laser, period. “Noticeable” is not necessarily dense and coarse like bikini and underarm hair. If that’s not the type of hair you have, i.e. the kind that leaves a shadow and stubble even after shaving, no laser will work.

  • If you can handle those high settings on the Yag, you should be using an alex or diode, not a Yag. The fact that they don’t know that makes me question their expertise.

  • Can you post a photo of your hair? I suspect that it’s not coarse and dense enough and electrolysis is your only option.

LAGirl beat me to it, dark blonde is not proper hair for laser, it sounds like your hair is too light or fine which is why it won’t work. No laser would work, but if you can post a picture that would help for sure.

Agreed. I bet anything your hair is just too fine for laser. It should be like armpit hair ideally, or at least lower-leg hair.

Stop having treatments immediately because this area in particular is VERY prone to induced growth if hairs are treated that are too fine to absorb the energy from the laser. In other words, you could end up with suddenly MORE hair in a year.

I know it’s a big area, so laser sounds easier, but based on the info you give, you really do need electrolysis. Considering the wasted money you already invested, electrolysis would probably cost less in the long run to be honest. But since people often misjudge their own hair, a photo would be best. Until we see it, this is all just guess-work.

Well, I tried two sessions of diode on my shoulders and back and they were as equally as ineffective. In fact, it has been a month since my last session and all the hair has grown back and it almost looks like more is growing than it ever has.

First, I want to say that while I have dirty blonde hair on my head. The hair on my shoulders and back is definitely black not blonde

In terms of how fine the hair is. It is certainly thin. But how fine is too fine?

It has gone from a few hairs on my shoulders and back to almost as much hair there are my chest or arms.

I have to shave everyday because it has become unbearable. But it almost looks like this if it were to grow out: Actually a little more coarse than in the picture.

I’ve reached my wits end. 6 sessions of IPL. 5 sessions of laser and $1,000’s of dollars. I believe the standard response is electrolysis. But based on the size of the areas: complete shoulders, upper arms, and entire back. That could take forever.
And I have heard bad things about the pain.

Is there any laser treatment that can help me? Or certain settings I should ask for?

It’s all too fine unless it’s coarse and dense like bikini and underarm hair. You’re experiencing the lack of results we warned you about.

Electrolysis removes 5-10 hairs per minute with a decent electrologist. It’s not that slow. Regardless, it’s your only option if you want permanent removal, so you don’t really have a choice.

Once again, no laser will work on that type of hair. Anyone willing to treat you is basically either uneducated, inexperienced, or just wants your money.