coolglide settings

reading through this excellent web site it occurs to me that i may end up having treatments at too low a setting resulting in no change or finer hair (more difficult to remove)

i’m asian - fitzpatrick IV and i’ve had a test patch leg the lightest part of my body, my leg with a setting of 38J (some intial redness and swelling but no problems) and i’ve had a small area much darker area treated at 30J (indiscernible impact on skin but can see some hair bumps) in both cases i have no idea of what spot size was used.

i am concerened about side effects and would be happy to have one or two extra treatments rather than risk side effects, but if the settings that the clinic is using are just too low to ever be effective then obviously i don’t want to waste my time and money.

I know that there is another clinic in London that has the Lyra laser but i would prefer to stick with the Coolglide (for some reason i’ve convinced myself that it would be better than the Lyra and will be more effective on fine hair) and maybe i just need to tell the nurse to turn the power up a bit.

Does anyone have any ideas about ideal settings for type IV?