Cool Price: California

Hi dear forum members,

I am getting my first treatment done in 3 weeks :smile:
The best thing is the price! The doctor has both:
Lightsheer and CoolGlide but the prices are the same for either…The whole treatment per session: both chicks, front neck (throat), neck (back) - all together comes to $375. Besides after 6 treatments if there will still be hair on treated areas, each additional treatment session would be just 50$… Considering the prices of other doctors around Los Angeles area this is the best deal I think. Most of the places I went to gave me $600-800 and I found the one where I can get it done and save some $$$.

The only thing I don’t know is Lightsheer VS CoolGlide. Which one is better…I mean more effective (I don’t care about pain).

Any advice…?