Continuing Education for Electrologists

Hello All! Our Introduction to Social Media Class just wrapped up in Miami, FL over the weekend and once again we had some great feedback! Our next class will be held in Tampa, FL on September 25-26, 2011 (our website will be updated soon to reflect the date changes). If you are tired of the same boring continuing education classes and wondering what Social Media is all about here is a quick overview:

Introduction to Social Media
Tampa, FL September 25-26, 2011
This class is being offered by LaserDerm Medspa through Legacy Career Institute

Online Social Media Networking has quickly become one of the most popular ways for small business owners to gain access to thousands of potential customers that might have once been considered unreachable. The beauty and spa industry has been no exception to the viral marketing trend. LaserDerm MedSpa is now providing Electrologists with an exciting course that introduces different social media outlets with hands on training from a marketing professional. Learn to utilize sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Youtube to grow an online presence for your electrology business. Whether you consider yourself a social media newbie, or a seasoned pro, this course is designed to guide you through the ins and outs of everything from getting started to implementing a social media plan that lasts. Industry Professionals and Businesses alike will benefit from increased knowledge of effective social media marketing.

Class Agenda
*The Basics of Social Media
*Social Media Sites
*Social Media Tools
*Social Media Planning

This class is approved for 16 Continuing Education Hours by the State of the Florida and the SCMHR.

If you would like us to bring this class to your area give us a call to request a date!

Feel free to ask me any questions about our continuing education or the programs we offer!

Maybe you should contact the AEA. This would be a useful topic, Stacey. As far as attracting thousands of potential customers, many electrologists are sole proprietors. Personally, I do minimal advertising, as I have about as much as I can handle as a one person business. I am wondering how other electrologist think on the subject of social media. If I decided to hire a couple of electrologists, (something I wouldn’t do in this present fiscal environment) then I would need to increase awareness through options, like social media. Just wanted to give a heads up from my personal situation, which may reflect others situation as well.

Thanks for posting, Stacy and come back anytime.

I have contacted the AEA! I am currently working with an advertising rep to get my class posted. At last cycles class our students were very concerned about the economic situation affecting businesses. We had a strong request to offer a class that would help them with marketing strategies. Many electrologists in florida also practice laser and tend to work at spas that employ many practitioners and offer many services. The beach state requires us all to be hairless :). We worked with a marketing professional who helped us develop this class and it has been so successful. Every student so far has just raved about the instructor and how social media has helped their practice. Big chain spas have really impacted smaller independent spas here, and many can’t afford to compete with that level of advertising. Social media allows a way for them to advertise for free. It’s fantastic that you stay so busy! I am not familiar with the Ohio market. I would absolutely love more feedback and interest from everywhere on this!

The Columbus market is still functioning well, but I am not willing to expend and expand like I was thinking of doing one year ago. My instincts tell me to sit tight because this country is in deep, deep financial trouble . If I were to expand beyond a sole proprietor, certainty needs to comes back to the business environment. I would then definitely be interested in your course. As a one woman show, I have all the business I can handle for now with very minimal exposure and with zero risk.

I do think you have a great course offering for those that trying to build their base.