Contemplating laser removal/upper 14 y/o

Hi, I am new here because I am seriously contemplating laser hair removal on my upper lip. My mom has already given me the ‘ok’, so that is not a problem. I have been doing a LOT of research on this but still have questions. I am 14 going on 15 and wonder, Am I too young? I also stumbled on another post where everyone said they wouldn’t go with laser hair removal on the uuper lip for a teenager. Why is this? Everyone mentioned it would be too risky in that area for someone my age. I have had a “mustache” since forever and it used to be only peach fuzz until I decided to get rid of it by going on a plucking spree when I was 11. I have since used a depilatory cream a few times and waxed a few times and mostly just bleach. Except, since I messed with it it is really thick and you can see a patch of yellow “fur” growing on my lip. My hair is naturally VERY dark, and well now it is thick, and my skin is VERY pale…like, milk white. I HATE it. It makes me very self conscious, and when little kids point out to me, “You have a mustache!” I just want to die…Any advice? I was hoping to be able to start over spring break, although my mom agreed to start over the summer.

for such a small area, electrolysis might be a better option. you might want to look into that. laser doesn’t have a way of targeting single hairs like electrolysis does, so there is a chance of targeting areas where there is peach fuzz or no hair, and some women here have reported that this can cause more hair growth to occur. To avoid this and since this is such a small area, electrolysis might be a better way to go for you. Since you’re only 14, you are still developing hair and will probably get more hairs as you get a bit older. That’s just something you need to take into account when you’re going for hair removal this early – just be aware that you will probably need to go in to get a few new hairs that pop up once in a while for a few years until you get older. Electrolysis is around $60/hr. Make sure to find an experienced one to treat you for best results.

Thanks for responding so quickly! I am going to post on the electrolyisis board, too, in that case. We don’t have “extra money” to spend, my mom agreed to do this because she knows how much it affects me. Which one of the two options generally costs less? Also, I just read that I need between 20 and 45 treatments of electrolysis for my upper lip. How long does each treatment take? How long in between each treatment and for either laser or electrolysis, will my hair regrow between treatments to how it is now?

it’s hard to tell how long it will take just because there are so many variables and we can’t see how much hair etc. with electrolysis, if the electrologist is experiences and uses thermolysis method, they can usually tackle 5-6 hairs per minute or so. You can calculate how long it will take to clear the area based on that and how many hairs you have. So the clearance on such a small area won’t take long. Then you go in every week or 2 weeks to catch any new hairs that come out from dormant stage. After a while, you start coming in less and less often until you catch all hairs in active growing phase which is when hair is best killed. Normally, it takes at least 9-12 months to catch all hairs in the growing phase. Since you’ll be going in to zap hairs as they come in, you should pretty much look hairless most of the time in between treatments.

In between treatments, with both laser and electrolysis, you’re only allowed to shave, no waxing or plucking etc.

Once again, I wouldn’t do laser if I were you.

Violet, lagirl has given you excellent advise.

Please stop with the waxing, tweezing, depilatories and only shave or clip your upper lip. You will need to do this anyway whether you get electrolysis or laser.

Where are you from? Please post that in your profile and maybe we can help you find a good electrologist.

This is a small area and electrolysis would be great IFFFFF you can get small treatment samples first from a several professional electrologists in your area. This is needed in order for you to judge what your skin looks like as it heals, how long it takes to heal and how caring your practitioner is to find good levels that you can tolerate.

Even if you get laser, you will undoubtedly still need to find a skillful electrologist to really clean you up, permanently, now and maybe in the future as you age.

Upper lip appointments should not last 60 minutes! For a teenager with moist skin, the work should be scattered and not more than 20 minutes should be spent on this area at a time. You will look like you don’t have a moustache after about 3 or 4 appointments, but you will not be finished because of the hair growth cycles, for a few more months.

You DO NOT NEED 20 -45 TREATMENTS IN THIS AREA. Whoever told you this?! This is outrageous information. Generally speaking, IFFFFF YOU HAVE A SKILLED PRACTITIONER using up-to-date equipment,correct probe size and quality magnification, you are looking at anywhere from 8-15 appointments spread out over 9-12 months, IFFF you immediately stop waxing. You will prolong the amount of treatment you need if pluck or wax. Most of my upper lip clients get done faster than 9-12 months and the cost is generally under $500 from start to completion.

Please get a good grasp on having your upper lip done with electrolysis by reading these boards thoroughly. Show your mother this information, too.

If you need anesthetic help, EMLA cream, ordered by a physician is helpful, but try to find someone that can fine tune the current to find a “recipe” that works well for your pain tolerance level and leaves your skin looking in good shape.


I just updated my profile, I live in Arizona, about 40 minutes from phoenix(downtown). Yeah, I haven’t used depilatories in AGES and the last time I waxed was in november. Like I said, I only bleach now. Am I allowed to bleach between treatments if there is hair? I am about to go tell my mom about electrolysis, hahaha. The first thing she will ask though is “how much will it cost?” lol. If it is around $500 total, then it is about the same as laser hair removal… Thanks for the advice!

Your treatments on that area won’t last more than 20 mins or so, which would cost around $25-30 each. I’m getting my upper lip done, and since I have only bleached before, it is fairly easy. I’ve had about 4 short treatments and am almost done. I’m probably going to catch a few more hairs in the next 4-5 treatments while getting other areas done before I’m completely done with it, but this only takes no more than 5 minutes each time.


If a poster does not peak in and give you an idea of who is a good electrologist in your area, then try going to the electrologist referral section for Arizona. There are several practitioners listed in the Phoenix, Mesa and Scottsdale areas and I’m sure there are many more in the phone directory, besides the ones listed on hairtell. I can’t say this any better than I already have: Do your research first and get those consultations with sample treatments. Okay? Trust your natural instincts and rely on your Mom’s good judgement as to who to trust your skin to and good luck choosing.