ConsumerWatch: Gillette Venus Divine vs. Veet

ConsumerWatch: Do Razors Shave Better?
Source: KETV Omaha, NE
POSTED: 3:54 pm CDT August 3, 2004
UPDATED: 4:05 pm CDT August 3, 2004

For one week, KETV Consumer Watch reporter Cathy Collins compared a Veet Bladeless Razor Kit ($8) on one leg, and a Gillette Venus Divine Razor for Women ($9) on the other.

Collins felt Veet didn’t smell like Nair, though it tinged and burned despite their sales claims.“It’s not close like you would get with a razor, but if you just want a quick job so nobody sees it, it works fine,” Collins said.

She preferred the razor for smoothness, as did a friend who felt both legs. She made it her permanent razor.