Consumer needed ALC refund (Orlando Sentinel)

Laser therapy contract creates hairy problem
Published June 23, 2006

Dear Greg: It all started last October when I went to American Laser Centers for a free laser hair-removal consultation. I expressed an interest in financing through CareCredit but made no decision to get the treatment. The next day I was surprised to find that my CareCredit account had been charged the entire cost, $1,600, without my permission. Because the hair removal was medically necessary, I decided to go ahead with it. A day before my first treatment, I called to cancel because my husband had been admitted to the hospital with a serious kidney infection. We were looking at an $11,000 hospital bill because we had recently moved back to Orlando and were not eligible yet for health insurance through our employers. I wrote to a regional manager for American Laser Centers asking for a refund, but she never responded. I realize that I signed a contract stating treatment fees are nonrefundable, but I never received any treatments.



Dear Janete: The contract was valid and there was no physical reason you could not receive the treatments, said Kevin Piecuch, executive vice president of American Laser Centers, a national company with headquarters in Michigan. But under the circumstances he didn’t want to split hairs. “I found other grounds to get her a refund,” Piecuch said. Here’s wishing Kevin a good hair day.
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