Consultation no-shows

Just a personal observation on how I can predict consultation no-shows … has anyone else observed the following? - The ones that fail to show without calling (sometimes they will call during the appointment) sound tired and indifferent over the phone and they pause for long periods of time between sentences. They also have trivial concerns/quirks that send up red flags telling you they will be difficult. A reminder call the day before helps, but is not a prevention. Any ideas on how to minimize this problem or do we as electrologists simply have to live with it?

Be glad they fired themselves before they wasted any more of your time!!!

The individuals you described do not sound like clients that I want to have in my practice.

Provide information prior to the treatment, let them know that you have office policies and you expect them to follow these policies. Allow the non-compliant clients to go away.

In addition to what Hairadicator said, I find that if they schedule the consult for over a week later, it’s almost a guaranteed no-call, no-show. I try not to schedule any new clients that much in advance, and I sincerely ask them to call and cancel if they are not coming. Sometimes, it works.

It has been my experience, that when someone calls for a consultation, what they really want is to come right in that day. If you can’t get them in that day, they are just going to keep calling around, until they find someone who can see them that day. If they are not at this point, they may still be struggling with the decision.

I once had a client tell me that my business card had been taped on that person’s computer screen for 2 years before the consultation call was made, and we got started on the work. I informed this person that had the call been made two years ago, we would have been done by now. The reply? “I was not ready yet.”

i find a lot of clients are afraid to call back and cancel because its usually short notice what they fail to realise is that we could call another client who previously tried to schudule. so bloody frustrating.

While frustrating, the situation usually takes care of itself. It’s better to have them bail out in the beginning instead of later when they become “difficult” and/or suddenly drop out and say: “electrolysis does not work.” Unless they are committed to the recommended treatment program in a timely manner, they are not the kind of clients I want in my practice.

One of the funniest situations I ever had was one day when I had a client who was ALWAYS late, or a no-show, I started booking this person as the last client of the day, so I could just go home after 15 minutes of no-show time.

Well, one day, the client insisted on a 10am appointment, so I booked an out of town client for that day, and when the constant no show arrived, there was the out of town client in the waiting room, and a walk in who showed up to ask, “Did anyone cancel today, so I can snap up that time?”

But most of the time, you are just left with a hold in your schedule, and no way for the person who wants the time to shift gears and run to your office and have a meaningful amount of treatment time. Everyone loses

Today I had a caller that wanted information about electrolysis. She became combative over the phone and was “fired” before an appointment was ever made. On Facebook she describes herself as follows: “I’m selfish, i’m impatient, and a little insecure. I’m out of control, and at times, hard to handle, but if you cant handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don’t deserve me at my best”. Who wants to deal with that?

You know, I am so sick of women who use that Marilyn Monroe quote to say, deal with it, if you want to get the treasure at the end of the rainbow. I hate to tell them what men say in response to that quote when they are alone, or among other men.

Good for you.

Isn’t it nice to be comfortable enough to turn work down? It surely would be more work than it was worth.

… and they wonder why they are so depressed and manless.

Perhaps this is the key. If she had requested information about Electrolysis is because she has a problem with excess hair. This makes her insecure, and will do everything possible to keep men far enough. These women often end up being the most submissive and grateful.

I don’t believe it’s even that complicated. The caller was simply a “bitch” … nothing more, nothing less.

Well, I can not imagine what she could say to merit that description, but in any case, it must have been very bad. I’m curious, she mentioned her name so you could see her Facebook profile?

Yes, that is how I found her on FB. The quote comes from Marilyn Monroe.

It is said that Marilyn shave her face every day in order to prevent powerful spotlights reveal her facial hair. Maybe she has more in common than she thinks. :wink:

Difficult, neurotic and insecure … not the type of client I want on the treatment table.